American Ketman

Ketman is the strategy that everyone in our society who isn’t a true believer in “social justice” and identity politics has to adopt to stay out of trouble.

Rod Dreher – Author of Live not by Lies

I’m now calling my blog American Ketman because much of what I read and write about leads me to believe we will soon face real totalitarianism here in America. We may have to practice professional Ketman just so that we can stay employed. The masks and the vaccine are clear examples of times when Ketman is necessary.

We need to begin to build our underground networks so that when the globalist elites, with China’s backing, complete their so-called Great Reset, we can continue to communicate and share our best and truest selves, the ones made in God’s image, with each other.

I have an MA in English composition and many years of experience as a technical editor, newspaper editor, writer and teacher. Currently, I’m a public-school teacher by day and a citizen journalist by night.

If you like my work, please consider buying one of my novels. Refreshing Jutta is a futuristic dystopian Catholic novel that depicts a world we could be living in soon. Perhaps we can survive this coming onslaught through prayer, aesthetic Ketman, and networking.

I welcome all comments, corrections and suggestions.

It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself to resist invasions of it in the case of others.

Thomas Jefferson

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