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Human Trafficking
For information about human trafficking in the Pacific, here’s a great novel! Kidnapped from the Caribbean, by Todd Duff. “Based on true stories of modern-day piracy, human trafficking, smuggling, and the drug trade involving the theft of charter vessels and private yachts in the Caribbean and Central America, Kidnapped from the Caribbean is a fast-paced thriller of intrigue and corruption.”

Sophie Hayes Foundation An interesting thing happened while I was writing Zander’s Island. I came up with the name Zander and Jenna while substitute teaching in a local Tacoma school. The names were taken from an attendance roster. When the book was almost finished, I found a book called Trafficked at the library. The main character is named Jenna! If you haven’t read Zander’s Island, that’s the same name as Zander’s girlfriend who gets kidnapped by Estevan.

Ocean Pollution
The Ocean Cleanup project is trying to deal with the plastic trash in the ocean.

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