Hey Inslee, answer these questions and I might take your stupid shot

On August 9, 2021, third-term governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, announced a draconian vaccine mandate for state employees and healthcare workers.

Here is a list of questions that I hope Inslee or any of his staff or any doctors or anyone from the CDC or the medical technocracy can answer. Seriously! ANYONE. Answer these questions. If I get my concerns met, I might actually consider taking the jab.

P.S. I posted this article to Governor Inslee’s Medium page and my account, which I just created, was suspended. Why are governmental bodies issuing press releases through corporations that can censor any viewpoint they want at will?

A. Questions Regarding Necessity (Is it necessary?)

The governor’s mandate is based on the notion that there is a state of emergency and that the emergency is due to the unvaccinated. I am asking the governor’s office to please provide evidence that we are in fact in a state of emergency, that the vaccines are in fact the only alternative to meet this emergency, and that this is indeed a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

  1. I find the way Covid deaths have been counted to be very odd.
    What is the difference between a death with covid and a death from Covid and how many Covid deaths are from covid? Why does the CDC count Pnemonia and Influenza together with Covid to determine that Covid is a pandemic? Why are Covid probable deaths added to the number of Covid deaths? Define Covid probable.
  2. The CDC runs the Influenza-Like Illness Surveillance Network (ILINet). ILINet has not been updated since April 2020, at which time cases of ILI had dropped by around 62%. Why? What happened here? What happened to the flu in 2020? Did it just disappear or did the CDC count Flu as Covid?
  3. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only half of the states report any information about breakthrough cases, yet KFF boldly claims that 95% of hospitalizations and death are the unvaccinated. According to KFF, “The CDC reports that as of July 19, of 5,601 hospitalized breakthrough cases, 27% were asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19 and of 1,141 fatal cases, 26% were asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.” They do NOT apply the same adjustments to the numbers for those who are unvaccinated. Can you tell me how many of the unvaccinated hospitalizations are asymptomatic or not related to Covid-19?
  4. According to DOH, in Washington State alone, 4,241 covid-19 break-through cases have been identified and 52 vaccinated individuals died of Covid-related illness. Inslee, when you released your mandate for healthcare workers, you had a story about a healthy man who died, presumably from covid. Why did you not also share that 52 vaccinated people had died in Washington? How many healthy vaccinated people die from Covid-19 compared to healthy unvaccinated people?
    UPDATE Sept 7: On Sept 1, DOH changed the way it gathers data for breakthrough cases. Instead of using just an interview format, they are now pulling vaccine records (if I understand this correctly). They expected to get about 70% more breakthrough cases. Indeed, from January 17 to August 21, 2021, there were 21,757 vaccine breakthrough cases in Washington. 9% were hospitalized, and 185 of them died. (Source)
  5. In Washington, 52 vaccinated individuals have died of Covid-related illness. One hundred people who had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus died from the disease in Massachusetts by the end f July, according to the state Department of Public Health. Can you explain to me again how you justify vaccination for teachers?
  6. In March 2020 India made it their national policy to recommend HCQ broadly to its population, a policy from which it has never deviated, and it continues to enjoy a death rate a fraction (~10%) of the USA even in the most densely populated slums. Why can’t I just take HCQ which has a 60-year record of safety?
  7. Mexico is giving out Ivermectin treatment kits and have seen new hospitalizations decrease by as much as 76%. Can you offer this treatment as an option instead of just forcing vaccines that may not work, may not be safe and may make things worse?
  8. A study estimated that nearly two-thirds of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the U.S. could be attributed to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure…In total, 64% of the hospitalizations might have been prevented if not for the four conditions. Why should healthy people without any of these pre-existing conditions be forced to take the vaccine?
  9. What percent of the population has died from Covid and what percent of those people had serious underlying conditions?
  10. The FDA has only given Emergency Use Authorization to these shots. Since Covid is about as deadly as the flu, and since the CDC has conflated flu deaths with Covid deaths, and since everyone who dies after having a positive Covid test is counted as a Covid death whether Covid was the cause or not, it is impossible to know how serious this disease really is. Therefore, you cannot argue that we have an emergency. Can you prove me wrong?
  11. A recent study investigated whether prior Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) or Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis (Tdap) vaccination elicit cross-reactive T cells that mitigate COVID-19. The study revealed that “indices of disease severity were reduced in MMR or Tdap vaccinated individuals by 32-38% and 20-23% respectively, among COVID-19 patients.” Israel has shown that Covid vaccines are only 39% effective against the Delta variant (see below). I already have my Tdap and MMR vaccines. Why should I get the Covid vaccine when I’m already almost equally well protected by heterologous T-Cell immunity?
B. Questions Regarding Efficacy (Do the vaccines work?)
  1. People who are vaccinated are still getting Covid. As of late August 2, 2021, there were 7,527 hospitalized or fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC. Knowing that the CDC has manipulated the death rate and other numbers, how can I be sure there aren’t more breakthrough cases? And why should I get your shot when people are still getting Covid?
  2. Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world (around 90%), but the CDC just issued a travel warning to Israel because the Delta variant is spreading. Can you guess my question here? Evidently, in Israel the vaccines you are forcing on us are only 39% effective in preventing the spread of the Delta variant. How can you justify your mandate?
  3. The CDC reported that in July, 2021 in Barnstable County, Massachusets, there was an outbreak of the Covid delta-variant. Four of the 5 hospitalized people were vaccinated. The only unvaccinated person had underlying conditions. In the UK, nearly half of all deaths from the delta variant so far are from vaccinated individuals. (source) Did the vaccine make these people more vulnerable to the Delta variant?
  4. French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contends that the vaccines are “an enormous mistake. A scientific error as well as a medical error. It’s an unacceptable mistake.” The history books, he says, will show that the vaccines are creating the variants of the Covid-19 virus. “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.” Is he wrong?
  5. In May of 2021, the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases. Without tracking breakthrough cases, how will we be able to know if the shot works as well as you’re saying?
  6. My local health department does not report hospitalization rates for vaccinated people. So I personally called and spoke with a local health care worker on the front line. This person confirmed they were seeing vaccinated people with Covid. Can you release the numbers that support your claim that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated?” Why is there is NO transparency?
  7. The CDC only tracks hospitalized and fatal cases among vaccinated. Is there a better way to compare vaccinated vs. unvaccinated cases? If we can’t compare the two, it’s really hard to say whether the vaccines are actually working.
  8. We have no idea how long protection will result from the shots. Some say 6 months. Moderna and Pfizer already have booster shots. Aren’t true vaccines supposed to provide long-term immunity?
  9. Natural immunity is thought to last longer than vaccine immunity. Why should I get the shot if I’ve already had Covid?
  10. If vaccinated people are still required to wear a mask, doesn’t that mean that scientists are not sure the vaccines work?
  11. “It now appears our current vaccines are likely to offer a mere 180-day window of protection – a decided lack of durability underscored by scientific evidence from Israel and confirmed by  Pfizer, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other countries” (Source). Why would I risk exposing myself to all of the health concerns in section C below just for 180 days of questionable protection?
  12. Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. have been shown to help prevent Covid. Why have I never heard the government tell us to take vitamin supplements that have been proven to help us resist Covid? All you have ever done is told us to wear a mask, stay apart from each other and wash our hands and get injected with poison.
  13. A recent study says that “Using PCR threshold cycle (Ct) data from a single large contract laboratory, we show that individuals in Wisconsin, USA had similar viral loads in nasal swabs, irrespective of vaccine status, during a time of high and increasing prevalence of the Delta variant. Infectious SARS-CoV-2 was isolated from 51 of 55 specimens (93%) with Ct <25 from both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, indicating that most individuals with Ct values in this range (Wilson 95% CI 83%-97%) shed infectious virus regardless of vaccine status.” Do you still maintain the position that we should get vaccinated in order to protect others?
C. Questions Regarding Safety (Is it safe?)
  1. 11,045 vaccine deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Reaction System (VAERS) database. These deaths have been happening since the beginning, but the first autopsy was not done until June. Why haven’t more autopsies been done? How can you conclude the vaccines are safe when no one is performing autopsies on the thousands who have died from the vaccines?
  2. The VAERS database, by some estimates, only captures about 10 percent of the bad reactions to vaccines. Dr. McCullough, a professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University, and his team have gone to other sources for information. “We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC,” the doctor revealed. “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths.” Is Dr. McCullough wrong? (Source)
  3. The CDC says that evidence is growing stronger for Covid vaccine link to heart issue among young people. Why and (excluding those who died of course) are they going to be okay?
  4. This study in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that “more longitudinal follow-up, including follow-up of large numbers of women vaccinated earlier in pregnancy, is necessary to inform maternal, pregnancy, and infant outcomes.” That’s an understatement. A close review of the data reveals that “out of the 127 women receiving vaccines during their first or second trimesters, 104 spontaneous abortions occurred before their pregnancies hit the 20-week mark.” Therefore, the study actually revealed an 82% miscarriage rate among women who received one of the vaccines during the 1st or 2nd trimester. Why are they hiding the true numbers? And if these scientists have to refer to pregnant women as “pregnant people” or “persons who do not report their sex as male,” how can we trust any of their conclusions? Bottom line, by mandating these vaccines I want you on the record answering this question: Are you saying for sure these vaccines are safe for pregnant women?
  5. The VAERS database lists 2,528 reported cases of Bells Palsy after taking the shot. What caused the Bells Palsy (and the thousands of other side effects listed)?
  6. Doctors are still debating amongst themselves what kind of reactions people will have to these mRNA vaccines. On Medscape, one doctor commented that a recent study regarding the distribution of the COVID Pfizer vaccine shows that this vaccine migrates away from the injection site into various other body parts including the BRAIN, BONE MARROW AND OVARIES. Hence there are some concerns about whether these vaccines will cause fertility problems. “There is a possibility that this could cause a cascade of reaction in those tissues that affects the function of those tissues, possibly for the long term.” Why mandate a vaccine when many doctors fear that it could cause long term problems (e.g. with fertility) and when there is NO consensus regarding the drug’s safety?
  7. According to America’s Frontline Doctors, “We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action. The Rotavirus vaccine was canceled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was canceled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines.” Why have these vaccines not been cancelled when the death rate from Covid is so low (see questions regarding necessity below)? Where is the money to do autopsies on the deceased so that we can be better informed about the impacts of the vaccines on the body?
  8. Can you assure me that I won’t develop Prion’s disease a year or so after taking the shot? Prion’s disease is always fatal.
  9. Vaccines have been found to cause a host of chronic, late developing adverse events. Some adverse events like type 1 diabetes may not occur until 3-4 years after a vaccine is administered. (source) If you are willing to mandate these vaccines, are you also willing to take responsibility for the adverse events that could still occur in the future?
  10. The FDA has only given Emergency Use Authorization to these shots. Why should I give full approval if the FDA does not?
  11. Will I develop an auto-immune disease 1-4 years after taking this shot?
  12. Since we have never used an mRNA vaccine in humans, how to we know there will be no long-term side effects?
  13. Can you ensure that I won’t develop anti-body dependent enhancement which will make Covid even worse if I get it?
  14. Prior coronavirus (and other respiratory) vaccines have failed due to the scientific phenomena known as pathogenic priming that makes the vaccine recipient more likely to suffer a sudden fatal outcome due to massive cytokine storm when exposed to the wild virus (source). Can you reasonably assure me I will not experience a massive cytokine storm once exposed to Covid if I get one of the current shots?
  15. Have these vaccines undergone the proper animal trials and peer-reviewed studies?
  16. The WHO says “…discuss your situation with your care provider if you: Have a compromised immune system, are pregnant…, have a history of severe allergies, particularly to a vaccine (or any of the ingredients in the vaccine), are severely frail. Does your mandate allow for exceptions for people who are in these categories?
  17. “We did studies in lab animals. In lab animals, just injecting the spike with no body of the virus, the spike induced the same disease as covid-19 induced. The same lung disease. The same vascular disease. The same heart disease. The same brain disease. The spike is the toxin. So why are we injecting something into the human body that IS the toxin?” Dr. Ryan Cole Mayo Clinic-trained board-certified anatomic pathologist, clinical pathologist. CEO of Cole Diagnostics.
  18. One doctor said that the chance of dying from a Covid vaccine is the same as the chance of getting struck by lightning. The CDC says that the chance of getting struck by lightning is 1 in 500,000. If I had a one in 500,000 chance of winning the lottery, I’d buy more lottery tickets. Could you do the math and promise me my chance of dying from Covid is greater than my chance of dying from a Covid vaccine? I’m sure you can figure some algorithm that figures in my age and health condition…
  19. According to a PBS story from 2015, “The deadliest strains of viruses often take care of themselves — they flare up and then die out. This is because they are so good at destroying cells and causing illness that they ultimately kill their host before they have time to spread. But a chicken virus that represents one of the deadliest germs in history breaks from this conventional wisdom, thanks to an inadvertent effect from a vaccine. Chickens vaccinated against Marek’s disease rarely get sick. But the vaccine does not prevent them from spreading Marek’s to unvaccinated birds.” Can you be sure that vaccinated people are not spreading Covid to unvaccinated people? If there is any truth to the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” theory, could it be because the vaccinated are endangering our lives?
  20. The Biden administration is not mandating vaccines for White House staff. Why not? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no? BTW, if you get fired because of Inslee, here are a few places that you can work that do not require the vaccine: The White House, the CDC, J&J, Moderna, Pfizer, the FDA, and the WHO! So it’s not all bad.

D. Questions Regarding Ethical Issues
  1. The Nuremberg Code says that people cannot be forced to undergo medical experimentation. “…The person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”
    America’s Frontline Doctors says, “According to the Food and Drug Administration, an investigational drug can also be called an experimental drug and is being studied to see if your disease or medical condition improves while taking it. The Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca applications properly identify their new agents as “investigational.” Can you explain how your vaccine mandate is not a form of forced medical experimentation?
  2. All of the Covid vaccines available in the US have ties to the abortion industry. The Pfizer and Moderna shots used the HEK293 fetal cell line in testing. In order to obtain that cell line, a baby was torn alive from her mother’s womb and had her kidneys removed without sedation. I believe that by getting this shot, I am approving of this kind of treatment of the unborn. Do you agree that getting the shot means I’m cooperating in this abuse of children? If not, can you at least concur that people have the right to follow their conscience on this, regardless of whether they are religious or not?
  3. I AM religious and love Jesus. I will apply for a religious exemption. But what about people of good will who object based on their conscience? Why is there no exemption for conscientious objectors? Here’s a letter that conscientious objectors without recourse to religion might consider submitting to their employers.
  4. Does the claim “my body, my choice” also apply to the case of these experimental vaccines? How is the argument different? Seriously. I’m not being facetious here. I’d like to know what the difference is.
  5. I believe you are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which “proscribes, punishes and penalizes employers who invasively inquire into their employees’ medical status and then treat those employees differently based on their medical status.” Am I wrong?
  6. “International law, Constitutional law, specific statutes and the common law of torts all forbid conditioning access to employment upon coerced, invasive medical examinations and treatment, unless the employer can fully provide objective, scientifically validated evidence of the threat from the employee and how no practicable alternative could possibly suffice to mitigate such supposed public health threat and still perform the necessary essentials of employment.” Do you recognize that you are in violation of these laws because there IS an alternative to mitigate the health threat? And do you recognize that in order to stay within the law you need to answer the questions above with scientifically validated evidence of the threat?
E. Questions Regarding the Reporting of News about Covid
  1. According to the Press Gazette, “There’s only been one ‘scientific truth’ allowed to be discussed: the one endorsed by worldwide governmental regulatory bodies, even that has been very selective. This has given the public a distorted view of the truth which has been highly damaging.” How can I trust the Covid narrative and Covid vaccines when I know for a fact that much of the reporting has been lies? Here’s just one example of how these lies are propagated across news outlets.
  2. Why did Facebook and other social media websites de-platform many of the sources I trust for publishing reliable information? Lifesitenews.com, childrenshealthdefense.org, etc. By censoring these websites instead of providing thoughtful analyses of their reporting and open dialog, you have ruined my trust.
  3. Why have none of our major media outlets reported about the deaths from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in VAERS?
  4. Is it a good idea for our media to be controlled by 6 multinational corporations that sell advertisements to multinational pharmaceutical companies? How can I trust information coming from them?
  5. Initially, Covid 19 was called the Wuhan Virus. “That is because epidemics have historically been named for the location from where they arise or are associated. Consider: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Spanish Flu, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Zika, Ebola as some examples. The re-branding as COVID-19 took significant media effort. The Chinese Communist Party made it known that it did not want this to be called the Wuhan Virus, and that it should just be called “the coronavirus.” But this proved very confusing to doctors who already knew of six other coronaviruses. So it was renamed a third time, as COVID-19, which stands for Corona Virus Disease–2019.” Why did we kowtow to China on this and what does this tell us about China’s role in the “epidemic”?
  6. By January of 2020, scientists already knew that Sars-2 (covid) was similar to Sars-1. As a result, they used HCQ to treat it and had great results. Why did the media shut down any discussion of HCQ and Ivermectin as treatments for Covid? Why did the FBI arrest doctors for prescribing it?
  7. Why did France in late 2019 change HCQ into a prescription drug instead of over the counter drug like it had been for 60 years?
  8. How can I trust the science when even the most trusted medical journals have printed false stories? “The two most famous medical journals in the world were caught red-handed publishing fraud. The sheer number and magnitude of the things that went wrong or missing in their studies were too enormous to attribute to mere incompetence. The data upon which these studies were based were so ridiculously erroneous that it only took two weeks for an eagle-eyed physician to publicly demand an explanation. In pursuing a fraudulent headline maligning HCQ, the third most famous medical journal in the world, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), literally printed evidence of a crime” (AFLDS).
F. Political Questions
  1. The Chinese communist party has refused to administer the mRNA shots to its people, citing safety concerns. “Ashley St. John, an immunologist at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, says that all available evidence points to Sinovac and Sinopharm jabs preventing infections and saving lives, even with the rise of new variants” (source) The Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines are not mRNA vaccines and appear to be safer. At least they have fewer questions regarding long-term risks. Is the Chinese government doing a better job of protecting its citizens from forced medical experimentation than the US government?
  2. What role did Anthony Fauci have in funding the gain of function studies done at Wuhan where this virus originated? If we are to listen to this “expert” shouldn’t we also know about any conflicting interests?
  3. Why should I listen to Fauci as opposed to Dr. Simone Gold, who was arrested by the FBI and held without cause for 4 days in prison because she kept prescribing HCQ to patients? None of her patients died.
  4. US taxpayers paid for the research on these vaccines. Now Moderna and Pfizer will make 40 billion. Will you support a tax on these companies so that we can put that money towards a health fund to take care of those injured by these vaccines?
  5. Pharmaceutical companies have no liability for injuries from vaccines. Who will pay for my injuries if I have a reaction to the vaccine?

    Will you, Jay? Will you pay?

Feel free to comment on this page. If I find really solid answers, I’ll post them. If I get all of these concerns taken care of, I will feel better about the shots and may even get one myself. I am not an anti-vaxer. It is unfair for people to categorize opposition to these experimental vaccines as anti-vax conspiracy.

Here are some more good questions.

You’re still here?

The article is over.


I mean.

That’s it. What else do I have to say?


You want more?

Well. Okay.

You stuck around this long.

Here’s one more fun tidbit to illustrate the LYING disgraceful medical tyranny we are facing.

Compare the Mayo Clinic’s page about Hydroxichloroquine from March 23, 2017 with today’s list of side effects. In 2017 there were 8 rare side effects:


In 2021, they want you to call your doctor and confess you’re taking HCQ if you have anxiety, a headache, or increased hunger. Here’s the list from 2021.

Incidence not known

  1. Anxiety
  2. black, tarry stools
  3. bleeding gums
  4. blindness
  5. blistering, peeling, loosening of the skin
  6. blood in the urine or stools
  7. blurred vision or other vision changes
  8. change in how colors look
  9. chest discomfort, pain, or tightness
  10. chills
  11. cold sweats
  12. confusion
  13. cough or hoarseness
  14. dark urine
  15. decreased urination
  16. defective color vision
  17. diarrhea
  18. difficulty seeing at night
  19. dilated neck veins
  20. dizziness or fainting
  21. fast, pounding, uneven heartbeat
  22. feeling that others are watching you or controlling your behavior
  23. feeling that others can hear your thoughts
  24. feeling, seeing, or hearing things that are not there
  25. fever
  26. headache
  27. inability to move the eyes
  28. increased blinking or spasms of the eyelid
  29. increased hunger
  30. joint or muscle pain
  31. large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, and sex organs
  32. loss of hearing
  33. lower back or side pain
  34. nervousness
  35. nightmares
  36. noisy breathing
  37. painful or difficult urination
  38. pale skin
  39. palpitations
  40. pinpoint red spots on the skin
  41. red irritated eyes
  42. red skin lesions, often with a purple center
  43. seizures
  44. severe mood or mental changes
  45. shakiness
  46. slurred speech
  47. sore throat
  48. sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
  49. sticking out of the tongue
  50. stomach pain
  51. swelling of the eye
  52. swelling of the face, fingers, feet, or lower legs
  53. swollen or painful glands
  54. trouble with breathing, speaking, or swallowing
  55. uncontrolled twisting movements of the neck, trunk, arms, or legs
  56. unusual behavior
  57. unusual bleeding or bruising
  58. unusual facial expressions
  59. unusual tiredness or weakness
  60. weight gain
  61. yellow eyes or skin

Get emergency help immediately if any of the following symptoms of overdose occur:

Symptoms of overdose

  1. Drowsiness
  2. dry mouth
  3. increased thirst
  4. loss of appetite
  5. mood changes
  6. no pulse or blood pressure
  7. numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips
  8. unconsciousness

Are there any reliable medical organizations anymore? So sad.

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2 thoughts on “Hey Inslee, answer these questions and I might take your stupid shot

  1. The fullest summary I’ve ever read of reasons that intelligent people might not want to get the jab. I don’t need a religious exemption. You’ve given us an intelligence exemption. Thank you for putting it all together for us. God bless your work

    1. Thank you, Jason. The irony is that none of those arguments is acceptable. Not even the Nurenberg argument. The State of Washington allows only religious exemptions. That tells me that people had better get religious real quick.

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