Remdesivir survival rate only 5% better than placebo: Study

The cornerstone of the nationwide hospital treatment protocol handed down by Fauci and the NIH is the antiviral drug remdesivir, which reportedly “can kill SARS-CoV-2 in a petri dish under experimental conditions.”1

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine, Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Final Report, found that “remdesivir was superior to placebo in shortening the time to recovery in adults who were hospitalized with Covid-19 and had evidence of lower respiratory tract infection.” In this double-blind study, 541 hospitalized Covid-19 patients were treated with remdesivir and 521 were given a placebo. By day ten of the study, 11.9% of the people who were given the placebo (i.e. NOTHING) died, and 6.9% of the patients who had received remdesivir died.

In conclusion, the best that can be said about the best our hospitals are offering is that it is 5% better than nothing. And if that isn’t bad enough news, the study also indicates that 24.6% of patients who received remdisivir developed “serious adverse events.” Ivermectin and HCQ, like remdesivir, have both been shown to kill Covid in-vitro. Neither of them have serious side effects.

The story of how remdisivir became the go-to treatment for Covid-19 in America is quite disturbing. It reveals the corruptibility our entire medical system, and casts further doubt on the fanatical push to “vaccinate” the entire world.

I’m reminded of this old example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy: More people die in hospitals than anywhere else. Therefore, you should stay out of hospitals. When it comes to Covid-19, the logic may not be fallacious at all. Your chances of survival from Covid could very well be better at home with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Melatonin, Quercitin, and Hydroxichloroquine.

Note I’m not a doctor. Take everything I say with a grain of salt (and a side of hydroxichloroquine.)

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