China’s lockdowns are not about Covid: They’re subtle sanctions of the West

In America, Covid tyranny is finally on the downward trend. Mask mandates have been lifted even on airplanes and there’s no more shaming of despicable unvaccinated people like me. We know that the Omicron strain has become its own vaccine (condolences to Bill Gates), and that the made-in-China virus is about as long lasting as any other product originating from that country.

So why is China doing the opposite? Why are they locking down their country? Are they really afraid of the virus? Jordan Peterson once said in a lecture about Hitler that you can extrapolate one’s motives by looking at the result of their actions. The result of China’s lockdowns will be great suffering for the West. At a time when we already are facing shortages in almost everything, these lockdowns will certainly cause significant hardship for the American people.

Is it possible, then, that China is shutting down its cities, not to get rid of Covid but in order to punish the West? Consider the following facts:

  1. In February, less than a month before the invasion of Ukraine, the CCP signed an agreement with Russia saying they will work unconditionally as partners. According to this pact, there’s nothing these two lovebirds won’t do for each other.
  2. China has seven of the ten busiest container ports in the world. Shanghai is the world’s busiest one, and well, you guessed it, it’s completely shut down. Take a look here at the shipping traffic that’s backed up off the coast near Shanghai. That’s scarier than Covid or the Left’s response to Covid! Shenzhen is the third largest container port, and Shengzen was shut down for a week in March. I’ll leave it up to economists to explain what kind of damage this will do to our economy.

If China’s disruptive lockdowns persist, they could fuel global inflation, slow the pace of exports shipped from the ‘world’s factory’, and weaken demand in the world’s largest consumer market, economists say

3. In November, the Chinese government told its people to stockpile food, so it’s hard to believe that the situation in these cities is actually as dire as we’re being led to believe by the propagandists (I’m talking about America’s MSM). Many of the videos we see may be propaganda. The detention facilities where Covid positive people are being sent look relatively nice. They’re basically convention centers where people have their own small “cubicle-like” bedrooms. Of course the stories about the horrors could be true. After all, what does China care about its own citizens? This is the same government that has been addicted to forced abortions and infanticide for the past 40 years. The government would have no problems sacrificing millions of its own people in order to continue its path to world domination.

The Chinese government knows that Covid is a non-issue. They know more about Covid than anyone. Heck, they invented it!

Looking at the results of these lockdowns, it’s a pretty good bet that the motive is not about saving citizens from Covid. It’s a cowardly way for the Chinese government to sanction the West without, well, sanctioning the West. They get the benefit of fighting on Russia’s side without declaring war. It’s straight out of the “Unrestricted Warfare” playbook. Sure, their economy is taking a hit, too. But they believe they’re in better shape than we are…and they’re right.

It’s time we all wake up. China is not our friend, and they are not stupid about Covid.

The default condition is authoritarian starvation.

Jordan Peterson

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