My account on the Governor’s Medium page was suspended because questions elevate risk of public harm

The third-term Governor of the State of Washington announced his vaccine mandates through a press release on Medium. I received notice of the announcement via my public school email address (I am a teacher). I clicked the link and decided to post my questions about the vaccines on the Medium page. After nearly 150 views on my webpage, my account on Medium was suspended. Here’s the email from Medium:

In case that’s too small to read, here’s the text


Due to the elevated risk of potential harm to persons or public health, Medium’s Trust & Safety team has removed your account under its rules:

Your profile and posts will no longer be publicly available on Medium. Your work will remain accessible to you while signed in, and may be exported at any time by following the instructions here, but will appear as unavailable to others.

Your Medium membership, if you have one, will be canceled and any remaining funds you may have prepaid will be returned to you.

Medium Trust & Safety

Definitely no trust and I’m now worried about my safety.

I’m no lawyer but when a government office uses private corporations to disseminate information and those corporations offer a feedback/comment tool, the comments should not be censored.

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