The ones we once thought trustworthy

BLUF: One man who was arrested at the nation’s capitol got so depressed that he committed suicide. The Democrats are responsible for more deaths than they know.

Imagine, you hear about a new disease that is killing people and no-one knows how bad it is. As the news spreads, you watch people who you thought were trustworthy begin to lie. Their lies begin to grow. Everyone of your friends seems to accept the lies that are being told. You watch as a person who did everything right, everything that was needed, is torn down, mocked, laughed at, vilified. You try to say something but others shut you up. You begin to think you are crazy. You see others out in the street rioting, stealing, breaking into stores. The people you once thought were trustworthy begin to narrate the events, saying the violence is peaceful. It is logical. It is justified.

You try to tell others the way you think, but you are excoriated. You present evidence, but it is thrown back at your feet, defiled. You are now labeled. You are a traitor. You are a racist. You are a bigot.

You go to work and everyone seems to regurgitate the lies from those you once thought trustful. They seem to think that the enemy is the friend. The friend is the enemy. You don’t know how to tell them the truth. You need to talk to someone but you can’t. There is no one of importance who will listen. The ones you once voted for have gone deaf. The ones you had hoped would stand are sitting at the table with the enemies. You ask God, “Is this the table you have prepared before me in their presence?” (Psalm 32).

You go into hiding and try to blend in. You think maybe others will see the light. You pray. At night, you bite your nails and wonder what the future holds for you, for your children. You see an encroaching darkness coming in the distance. You want to shout from the mountaintops, but when you do, you are censored. Your voice is “missing context.” Your voice is “misleading.” Your voice is wrong.

So you shut up and hope in an institution that used to be sacred. But they are there, too. Your enemy has arrived. You witness them stealing. You catch them clearly, undeniably, red-handed. But your claims are dismissed outright. Baseless. Your thousands of pages of evidence are labeled baseless, and you feel debased.

You get angry. Not knowing what else to do, you find others who see the same thing as you. You drive a thousand miles to march. You do not even do 1/10th the violence that you witnessed coming from others during all of 2020. But you are labeled as violent, unstable, instigator.

You enter your Capitol, to voice your frustration, hoping the ones you elected will listen to your side of the story. But you get arrested for the misdemeanor of trespassing. When you go home, your last hope is left in that jail cell that you saw for the first time in your life from the inside. Evidently, you were the bad guy all along. All you were taught your entire life was a lie. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Evil is good and good is evil.

You no longer know how to live in this world. Unable to bear this nonsensical world anymore, you put a gun to your chest and with a confused look on your face, you say goodbye. As you do, you think of the smiles that will be on the faces of the liars, the ones you once thought trustworthy, when they hear of your death.

If you are a conservative in America, you have probably felt something like this in 2020 and 2021. If you are liberal, you probably have no idea what suffering others have been going through because of your views. 2020 saw the most excess deaths since the end of World War II.

2021 could be even worse, if no one listens.

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