The credo of the Left is nothing more than an attitude of platitudes

This sign is posted in the yards of many well-to-do liberals in my neighborhood. It really baffles me as to why they decided to make this their creed. The term “creed” comes from Latin meaning “I believe.” The Apostle’s Creed, which I subscribe to, is really where the term came from. “I believe in God the father, almighty maker of heaven and creator of Earth.

This Leftist creed begins with “we believe” too, but the truth claims therein turn out to be only platitudes that can never make for a solid foundation. Here’s a look at each one.

Black Lives Matter
While the sentence is true, the organization is evil. It is said that the BLM organization’s goal is to bring America down. The evidence supports this claim: George Soros, known hater of the current US system, donated $220 million to them recently to “bring about the end of policing as we know it.” And the BLM About page said (before they edited it) that they “actively disrupt the western nuclear family…”

Evidence shows that systemic racism does not exist on the police force anymore. Therefore, BLM has no cause to protest against the police. I fully agree that black people matter, especially to God. He has loved them and wooed them and pleaded with them since time began. Evidence shows the first human couple were black. We are ALL descended from one couple. At one time, all our ancestors were black. Sure, black lives matter. But there’s no need to beat people over the head with it.

Love is Love
One type of love is not the same as another type of love. Consider the four types of Love CS Lewis talked about in his book The Four Loves: God’s love for us is called Agape love. It is selfless, unconditional, and life giving. It is the love that Jesus had when he let himself be nailed to the cross. Even though his enemies were laughing at him, he said, “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.” Is your love that kind of love? There is Philia love, which is the love between friends/brothers. That’s how Philadelphia got its name: It’s the “city of brotherly love.” There’s Sturge love, which is love of family. And then, of course, there is eros, erotic love. This is probably what the liberals mean in their yard-sign list of platitudes. They probably mean that erotic love is the same, whether it is between a man and a woman or between two people of the same sex. Nowadays, that is true to an extent. Because of birth control, heterosexual intercourse and homosexual intercourse are essentially the same. If the possibility of getting pregnant is removed, what’s the difference? At any rate, Love is not Love. Some love is superior to other forms, and some love just needs to be illegal. For instance, f a grown man, like Woody Allen, falls in love with a 10-year old girl, adopts her, raises her and then marries her, that love may be love, but it’s also criminal.

No Human is Illegal
To say “no human is illegal” is to purposely misinterpret the phrase “illegal alien.” No law has ever outlawed humans. However, there are thousands of laws that make certain actions by humans illegal. For instance, it is illegal for humans to steal, to lie under oath, to kill, to speed, to copulate under certain circumstances, to enter into someone’s house without telling them…When a person lies, he is called a liar. When she speeds, she is called a traffic violator. When they copulate out of wedlock, they are called adulterers or fornicators. When they kill, they are called murders. And when they cross borders illegally, they are called illegal aliens. It is their actions that are illegal, not the condition of being human.

Feminism is for Everyone
Are my neighbors referring to violent feminism or to benevolent feminism? As a man who has been negatively impacted by violent feminism, I can tell you unequivocally it is not for me…or for men in general. At the very least, feminism has put women on a pedestal at the expense of men. Men now make up 60-80% of the homeless. There are no shelters for battered and abused men, even though domestic violence happens to men at very high rates. Men are now a minority in colleges and universities. Companies are calling for 50% of their upper management to be women, but men traditionally have made up around 60%-80% of the workforce because women have stayed (and still often do stay) home with the children. Men are forced to register for selective service; even though women are supposedly equal in everything else, they don’t have to worry about being drafted. The jobs that have opened up for women over the past 50 years are countless. The jobs that have opened up for men include hairdresser, elementary school teacher, and nurse, jobs that still carry a stigma of being “woman’s work.” Guys no longer know how to act around women. Do they want us to open a door or not? Should we pay for dinner, even though the woman very likely makes more money? When a man is accused by his wife, she wins in court statistically more often. Women get the kids and better deals in divorces. The list goes on.

Feminism is not for men nor for the 60 million babies that have been murdered in the United States over the last 50 years since feminism took root. When the womb is the most dangerous place in America for babies, it’s really hard to argue that feminism is for everyone. Certainly, it’s good for women to have equal rights, and I’m really happy to see them doing so well, but it’s still a fact that men and children have suffered as a result of these cultural changes.

Science is real
Do liberals really feel like they need to prove that science exists, like some people try to prove Sasquatch exists? Are they under the assumption that a big portion of the conservative population don’t believe that science exists? There’s no need. Christians invented the scientific method. A Christian was the first to come up with the Big Bang theory. He called it the primordial atom theory, but the scientists of his day laughed at him and disparagingly called his theory the “big bang” theory. The father of genetics was a Christian. No need to prove to us that science exists. We know it does. But we also know that scientists are human, and the conclusions about the evidence they gather are often faulty. Here’s a scientist quoted in the New York Times in 1969, just ten days before I was born, telling us we were going to “disappear in a cloud of blue steam” by 1989!

Click this quote to open an article titled Wrong Again: 50 years of eco-pocalyptic predictions.

Kindness is Everything
After the poster has just insulted intelligent people with the preceding intentionally condescending platitudes, it ends with a virtue-signaling hypocritical claim. Not very kind. Perhaps they should change it to condescension is everything. But let’s set aside the offensive nature of this final platitude and examine it carefully. Is kindness really everything? Of course not. Love is more important. And sometimes, love can be rude. It tells the truth like it is. Naturally, it’s best to be kind, but we can’t always be kind at the expense of everything else. If a man is about to fall off a cliff, it might be unkind to him for someone to yell out in front of everyone and embarrass him. But it would be a loving thing to do to save his life. Kindness is NOT everything.

Liberals need to grow some thicker skin and tolerate being offended. After all, I know I have to deal with being offended every time I walk around my neighborhood. And hey, I’m still alive, despite the air pollution that was supposed to have killed us by now…Liberals need more than an attitude of platitudes like these. They need thicker skin, better logical thinking skills, and less emotion. As for me, I need a bottle of Pepto.

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