United Way: A globalist consortium pretending to be a non-profit

United Way is more concerned about helping improve reading levels in China

BLUF: If you’re going to donate money, why not give it to a small organization rather than a global consortium? United Way puts its money into lobbying Congress to change systems rather than feed people.

The United Way and my school district have teamed up in a fund-raising effort to presumably help out our local school kids. But on the campaign launch page, I could only find five ways to donate and no information about how the money would be used. My “leftist malarkey meter” was reading pretty high on the Potential BS (PBS) scale. I had to investigate. Here’s what I found and here’s why I’M NOT DONATING:

An Internet search for “United Way” brings you to the website, United Way Worldwide (UWWW). If you look at their “Success Stories” you’ll see that they are helping children in Shanghai learn how to read. In a time when China is arguably our greatest existential threat, I’m not sure we want to be helping the communist party any more than we have to. Closer examination of the website reveals that this mammoth global organization is sponsored by multi-national corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, the NFL and Pepsi–the latter two just sponsored the satanic themed half-time Superbowl show this year. If they have sponsors this rich, why are they asking struggling teachers for donations?

Anyway, let’s assume they are justified in asking teachers for donations. We are justified in wanting to know what the organization is about and what they will do with our money. The United Way Worldwide Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress opens with this: “The United Way is focused on responding, recovering, reimagining and rebuilding systems that address the inequalities in access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities….Fighting for racial equity must be at the core of our country’s recovery and in fact, we can only fully recover by prioritizing communities of color and other marginalized populations [think LGBTQ+].”

My “leftist malarkey meter” was reading pretty high on the Potential BS (PBS) scale.

I cringe at the mixed grammar mistake in the first sentence, but I’ll let it slide and focus on the more important fact that the opening lines present us with an either/or fallacy: “Either we prioritize communities of color and LGBTQ+ community or we don’t fully recover.” These types of broad, virtuous-sounding claims are the bread and butter of the leftists who expect people to accept such statements at face value. For the most part, people do. But there are several areas where this particular statement can be challenged. Are marginalized communities still really all that marginalized? Is systemic racism really still a factor? Some studies say it isn’t. Finally, isn’t it possible to treat ALL populations equally and still recover? I won’t get into those debates here. I want to continue examining UWWW.

Take a look at the wording in this statement from Suzanne McCormick, the U.S. President of UWWW:

“Ending racism, division and hate, with clarity about the policies, programs, and interventions…” She seems to be saying that the UWWW wants to create clear guidelines on what constitutes “hate” and then establish “interventions” (laws?) to throw people in jail if we don’t agree with the definition of hate that they settle upon. Say, for instance, they determine it is hate speech to suggest that abortion is immoral. Then, they create the law that says opposing abortion is a crime punishable by jail time or other punishment. If there is a Marxist-Democrat Style Guide, this type of wording is boilerplate. It’s socialist propaganda that should make rational thinkers cringe.

It also sounds very similar to what the Black Lives Matter website said in March of last year. I am trying to locate a backup of the BLM website, because they have recently changed the wording. In the past, BLM claimed essentially, “We actively disrupt western systems and the western nuclear family…” I will continue to look for a way to prove this, but the Wayback Time Machine Internet archive apparently had a 301 error EVERY TIME it tried to crawl the BLM website last year. How convenient for BLM.

If the fact that UWWW is supported by wealthy multi-national corporations and that it’s agenda seems more focused on bringing down existing systems instead of feeding the poor isn’t enough to make one shy away from this organization, their support of Planned Parenthood makes one suspect that the UWWW is just a sham organization built to push Leftist ideology upon the American people. “Analysis of the most recent IRS Form 990 filings and other documentation found 62 United Way affiliates sent $2,756,799 to Planned Parenthood abortion organizations in tax year 2016. 2ndVote’s latest findings indicate an increase of $168,806 from the $2,590,994 United Way funneled to Planned Parenthood in 2015.” LifesiteNews

It used to be that charity organizations would focus on the corporal works of mercy: Clothe the naked, feed the hungry, bury the dead, give drink to the thirsty, shelter the homeless, visit the sick, and visit the prisoners. United Way Worldwide does a little bit of those things, but I suspect only in order to push globalist ideologies of their corporate sponsors on the world. Why any local school district would join up with them is a question all teachers and concerned citizens should ask.

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