A brief top-ten list of double standards from the left

BLUF: Here is a top-ten list of hypocritical stances taken by the left that I’m trying to wrap my head around.

That’s what happens when you base decisions on emotion rather than on reason. Reason prohibits double standards. Emotions create them!

You used to complain about labeling. “Don’t label me,” you cried. But then you invented over sixty sexual identity labels. Now you expect us to explain what pronouns we prefer to be called? If one of my liberal bosses forces me to list my preferred pronoun I’m going to say, “Hey, don’t label me!”

You fought like crazy a few years ago to make sure that a baker and a flower arranger could not refuse service to people. But you TOTALLY defend the right of multi-national corporations like FB, Twitter, et al to refuse service to people.

Girls can play boys’ sports, but boys can’t play girls’ sports?

If you give your 17 year old son a beer, you will be charged with a crime. If you castrate him and shoot him up with estrogen, you’ll be cheered-on and celebrated. -Jacob Wohl on Gab

If a mother wants to keep the baby, the fetus is considered a human and if someone kills it without the mother’s permission, that person can be tried for manslaughter. If the mother doesn’t want the baby, it is considered a clump of cells, and the person who kills it is a hero.

You can identify as a woman even if you have a penis, which indicates biologically, without question, that you are a male. But you can’t identify as white if you are black and were raised among white people even though “science” says there are no races.

Mass protests are okay during a pandemic if you are protesting alleged racism, but they are not okay if you want your government to look into election results. Then, it’s called insurrection.

A child can consent to gender reassignment surgery, but they can’t consent to having sex. Or is that why you are pushing this sickness on us? You want to remove the stigma of pedophilia?

You say trust the science and not your emotions when it comes to religion, but you trust your emotions and not the science when it comes to your sex.

You preach to everyone how great diversity is, but you HATE diversity of thought. Those who preach diversity the loudest, the “educators” can’t stand free and open debate.

Like true authoritarians, you are calling for the creation of lists of Trump supporters and Trump administration officials to destroy their personal and professional lives. Yet you complained that Trump was an authoritarian trying to supplant American democracy with a Trumpian dictatorship. Turns out, YOU are the dictators and authoritarians!

I’m sick of your double standards. But that’s what happens when you base decisions on emotion rather than reason. Reason prohibits double standards. Emotions create them!

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