Not just Culp: the people of Washington deserve an audit of the election

The former gubernatorial candidate Laurn Culp is suing for an audit of the paper ballots, vote counting machines, and voting results in King, Clark, Thurston, Pierce, Kitsap and Skagit counties. A closer look at his lawsuit and the circumstances around this election reveals that such an audit is justified. [Update July 2021. Culp was forced to drop the lawsuit in January because AG Ferguson threatened sanctions.]

Transcript of the lawsuit

  1. First, Washington’s Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, apparently did not update the voter data over the last four years in violation of US Code 21803. This code provides that “the appropriate State or local election official shall perform list maintenance with respect to the computerized list on a regular basis to include records on felony status; and to coordinate the computerized list with state agency on death.”
    As of the date of the election on November 3, 2020, according to the USPS data, through the National Change of Address (COA) update, 339,234 registered voters were identified who had moved but whose addresses had not been updated in the Washington State voter data. 6,765 had filed a change of address (COA) with the USPS and moved in 2016, more than 4 years ago. Of those that moved, a total of 171,887 had moved out of state, making them ineligible to vote in Washington, and 14,617 matched a COA record for which there was no new address of the registered voter provided, yet these addresses are still in the voter database and believed to have received a ballot at their previous address.

    At least 358 people who moved out of state are known to have voted in Washington’s general election.
  2. Kim Wyman apparently did not update the voter registration list against the master death list, again in violation of US code 21803. “The Death Master File supplied by the Social Security Administration identified 10,695 registered voters that were deceased. Yet of that number, 7,228 voted in the November 2020 general election. Also worth noting is that there were 36 Active voters over the age of 120 years old as of 11/3/2020. Two of them accepted ballots. (The oldest known human being is 118). And finally, there were 13 active voters that had improbable/invalid birthdates including the years 1800, 1858, 1873, and 0001. Of these, 7 have accepted ballots.”
  3. Based on information and belief, the Secretary of State allowed the election results to be housed on National Guard servers under the control of the Governor who was standing for election at that time, following a malware attack on the Secretary of State’s office in late September. Why is this a big deal? Considering that Washington has no term limits, and Jay Inslee is now entering his third term, one must ask whether we have a governor or a dictator. If the governor has control over the elections and no term limits, in effect, we no longer have democracy.
  4. The lawyer for Lauren Culp, Steve Pidgeon, “shared that when analyzing the Secretary of State’s database, only 3,230,733 voters that voted in the 2020 gubernatorial election were registered voters in the state of Washington – a difference of 886,161 He continued to state that the database also contained 300,000 voters that left the state, some of which voted in another state.” Source
  5. 82% of all Biden’s votes came within a two minute period. How did that happen?
  6. Culp lost by 545,000 votes in Seattle’s King county. Culp lost the election by a total of 580,000 votes. It is odd that Seattle voters chose Inslee at such a high rate. Even in the liberal counties to the north (Snohomish) and south (Pierce) of King county, Culp had almost 48% and 44% respectively of the vote. Is it possible that something happened in King county? After a summer of torment from leftist organizations like BLM and Antifa, there was a growing distaste for the job the left was doing. A full 70% of Seattle residents do not approve of the City Council’s handling of the chaos that occurred over the summer. And Tacoma, just 35 minutes to the south of Seattle in Pierce county, became the fastest selling housing market for a short time in 2020, presumably because of an exodus of Seattleites fleeing the mobs of Seattle.

    News like this makes it hard to believe the margin was so wide in Seattle. It’s worth asking a few questions about the election results from King county. For instance, when did the votes come in from Seattle? Was it after the other counties had already reported, letting the poll workers know how many votes were needed? Did BLM and Antifa infiltrate the polls and do get-out-the-vote campaigns?
  7. Despite what Wyman says, mail-in voting is particularly susceptible to voter fraud and malfeasance. The results from any mail-in voting system should be scrutinized carefully.
    Our founding fathers took months to figure out how best to elect a president. Eventually, they came up with a compromise. Instead of choosing by popular vote, which some thought might lead to the majority taking advantage of minorities, and instead of allowing Congress to make the decision alone, they settled on the electoral college. “The main danger that worried these thinkers, along with many others from classical philosopher Aristotle to American founding father Madison, was that the majority poor citizenry would vote for confiscatory legislation at the expense of the rich minority.” (Cite) Alexis de Tocquville feared that “the majority might exercise moral or social tyranny through the power of public opinion and custom. Tocqueville lamented this new form of ‘democratic despotism’. He was concerned about the potential abandonment of rationality if a claim to rule is based upon numbers, and “not upon rightness or excellence.”

    That appears to be what we have now in Washington State, Democratic Despotism, and such despotism is only enhanced by mail-in voting or vote-by-mail (VBM) policies. The company Clear Vote, which provided the voting technology for many of the democrat-won counties, says that the major benefit of VBM is the notion that more people can vote.

    However, if one party dominates the media and the education system, they have an unfair advantage when voting is made easy for everyone. It is logical that Democrats want a majority of people to vote. Republicans want that, too. But the public has to be well educated and able to make informed decisions. I know that many people can’t see the Left-wing bias in our media, but a great deal of research has been done on the topic. In one study, a full 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had been informed about certain issues the media purposely kept hidden. Our “news” media (along with big tech) is so effective at shaping our view of reality that it has essentially made a free and fair election totally impossible.

    This Culp case is a prime example of the media shaping reality. The Seattle Times article that explains why Culp dropped his lawsuit starts with the sentence, “In an ignominious retreat, losing Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp has withdrawn his lawsuit against Secretary of State Kim Wyman…” Ignominious means characterized by deserving shame. Culp’s retreat may have been characterized by shame, but it all goes to people in our media in Seattle, especially the Seattle Times for propagandizing the issue. Their headline should have read, “Culp drops lawsuit amid pressure from AG Bob Ferguson.” Try reading that Seattle Times hit piece now knowing what you know, and you’ll see how the Leftists use media to shut down opposition. [This paragraph added July 9, 2021]

    In an age of biased media, vote-by-mail is a useful tool for the Leftists. In addition to contributing to “tyranny of the majority” and “democratic despotism,” VBM is much more vulnerable to fraud than in-person voting. Even the Northwest Progressive Institute admits this is the case. “This paper based system is not immune to fraud, of course. Anyone reading this post has undoubtedly heard of forgery, and signature fraud on petitions is a problem that NPI has tracked for years.” (Source) Only a voting system where citizens need to appear in person and show ID can be considered to be reasonably reliable.
  8. Questions revolve around signature verification of ballots.
    Given that VBM is the system we have adopted in Washington, it’s no use arguing against it in this article. However, it is worth arguing that we do need to ensure that the VBM system is working as fairly as possible. One way is by ensuring that all ballots had signatures examined carefully. The question is whether the Secretary of State ensured the accuracy and fairness of the system by doing a careful examination of signatures?

    RCW 29A.40.130 states that signature “verification may be conducted by an automated verification system approved by the secretary of state.” Does Washington rely on machines to verify signatures? If so, is that technology accurate? The reliability of such software depends on a few variables. However, it does seem that automatic signature verification may marginalize some groups of voters and is not 100% accurate. If it’s anything like the signature verification Visa or Mastercard uses, we’re in trouble. You can scribble anything, and it still gets approved.

    Another issue is that even if signatures are verified, the ballots are not signed. The envelopes they came in are signed but once the ballots have been removed from their envelops, the ballots could easily be replaced by bad actors. It’s very true that it is who counts the votes that matters.
  9. It is also worth examining reports that long-time poll workers were not hired back in some states. Instead polls were manned with newbies who obviously had an agenda. I would like to know who manned the polls in the five counties named in Culp’s lawsuit. Is it possible that the poll workers were placed there by organizations, like Seed the Vote, which has ties to communist China and boasts that it became a big player in the effort “to oust Trump”? We need to know that those who worked the polls and who handled our ballots did so with the intention of securing a fair election, not with the intention of ousting one candidate or another.

    An audit of the election results in the five counties that Culp is asking for is necessary and must be granted to give credibility to our election system. If any of the accusations in this lawsuit is correct, it would constitute at the very least misfeasance on the part of the Secretary of State and would be cause for her recall. Citizens like me who live and work in Washington deserve the audit, not just Culp.

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