How to vote when your vote no longer counts

I am seriously considering never voting again. The debacle of the 2020 election made it abundantly clear that we can no longer trust that our ballots will be counted correctly, if at all. The undeniable fraud perpetrated by the Democrats, the unforgivable lies of the media leading up to the election, the inexcusable censorship by big tech…all these interfered with the fairness of the election and made me realize that voting at the ballot box is futile.

That said, I plan to vote in other ways, and perhaps this stupid election was what I needed to wake me up. Instead of waiting for four years to roll around, I plan to vote every day. So if you feel like your vote was censored, here are some things you can do to vote for real in modern America:

  1. Vote by breathing down the necks of your elected representatives. We must make sure that they hear from us regularly. I’m going to make sure my reps know me by name.
  2. Vote by boycotting the main stream media. The MSM has proven itself to be loyal propagandists for the elite. Instead of watching CNN, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, New York Times…watch and support the small-time reporters. I’ll create a good list to boycott and a list to watch here soon.
  3. Vote by opposing Big Tech. Stop using Google and install Duck Duck Go. Use a VPN. Leave Facebook for Parlor. Stop tweeting. When possible, watch videos on Rumble instead of YouTube. And if you post videos, post them to Rumble. The revenue stream may be weaker, but this is going to take some sacrifices on our part.
  4. Vote by not buying anything from China. China is NOT our friend. The communist party is vile and evil. In my opinion, buying something from them constitutes material cooperation with evil.
  5. Vote by spending more time in prayer. Pray daily to God to give you wisdom to proceed. Grow closer to God and let Him carry the burden that these measures seem to create.
  6. Vote by doing your research. Stay up to date on what is happening with politics. Understand what Congress is doing.
  7. Vote by making sure that Joe Biden does not have a single day in the White House unopposed. Make sure the new “administration”
  8. Vote by donating your time and money to conservative causes.

Other suggestions? Please post in the comments section.

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