Democrat activists pretend to operate “non-partisan” organizations

Get-out-the-vote efforts by various organizations fraudulently posing as non-partisan groups swung the vote away from Trump and may be just as much to blame for the loss as outright fraud.

For instance, the Voter Participation Center (VPC) and the Center for Voter Information–related organizations with much of the same leadership–claim to be non-partisan. But a closer look reveals that everyone on the leadership team is a Democrat political activist. According to the about page, the VPC claims to be “a non-partisan organization founded in 2003 to help members of the Rising American Electorate register and vote.” Let’s examine the “non-partisan” claim.

The CEO, Tom Lopach, has spent most of his career working for Democrats or Democrat causes. According to his LinkedIN page, Lopach was the Executive Director of a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 2014 to 2016; chief of staff to Democrat Senator Jon Tester; and for several years was the Executive Director of the Committee for a Democratic Majority.

Lopach also served for a short time as VP of the Import-Export Bank of the United States. Incidentally, in April 2013, Joe Biden, when speaking at the 38th Annual Conference of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, asserted that “the affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.

The data scientist for VPC is Phoebe Wong. Her resume proudly states, “From 2017-2019, I built and ran a nonprofit called Equal Citizens with Prof. Lawrence Lessig at Harvard Law School.” Here’s a screenshot of Equal Citizens home page. Hard to say Wong is non-partisan.

Surely someone at VPC is non-partisan. Let’s see: Maximilian Sarvello, Executive Affairs at Voter Participation Center served as Field Organizer for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign. Darn. Not him.

Katherine Werner, Deputy Director of Digital Programs, was a manager at MoveOn, which touts itself as an organization “championing progressive values.” Okay. Not her.

Bryant Sanders, Deputy Director of Development, worked for Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Not him. (And I’m perfectly correct to say “him” because his LinkedIN profile says that he wants to be referred to as he, him, and his. So that’s good, right? Sounds kind of old-school conservative.)

Paul Wells, VPC’s Executive Affairs Manager, is the former Administrative Manager for Presidential Affairs and Coordinator for the Office of the President at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sigh. (There’s no more partisan issue than abortion.)

Sarah Hummel, Director of Vote By Mail Programs, was the Deputy Political Director of the DCCC, which is “the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives.” UGH! Are they redefining the term “non-partisan?”

There’s one member of the leadership team I would really like to find info on. His name is Dexter Chan, Director of Data Services. But he doesn’t have a LinkedIN page. The Epoch Times recently revealed that an organization very similar to VPC, called Seed the Vote, has ties to the Chinese Communist Party through some of its leadership. It would be interesting to know Mr. Chan’s background.

In addition to falsely claiming to be non-partisan, the VPC also claims to be non-profit. But as Bill and Melinda Gates have shown us, there’s a lot of money in the non-profit sector. In 2018, VPC had $4,955,857 in assets. In 2019, they had 26,228,813. Quite an increase in just one year. Obviously, they were ramping up for the “Get out the vote” campaigns (aka the “Oust Trump” campaigns) that they executed in the 2020 election season.

Their financial statement for 2019 is a matter of public record and is posted on their About page I linked to above. It has been audited by GRF CPA Advisers, which is an affiliate of Crowe Global. This is entirely speculation here, but recently it was revealed that the Chinese Communist Party has made it a point to insert spies into the top accounting firms in the world, giving them access to a lot of sensitive company data. Just a thought. Again, pure speculation.

I hate to admit it, but in addition to all the fraud, organizations like this did a heck of a job drumming up Democrat voters. One group, called People’s Action claims to have had a “3.1% overall impact on decreasing Trump’s vote margin” by what they call Deep Canvassing. Basically, that means they knocked on doors and listened and then told the people why Trump was bad and Biden was good as it related to the issues the people discussed. There’s probably nothing wrong with this. It is democracy at work. Unfortunately, it seems only the democrats know how to work it like that.

Republicans need to learn how to organize like these Democrats. The only problem is that MOST Republicans would feel guilty about lying to the public and hiding their true intentions.

This Related Link shows how the Center for Voter Information sent out a mailing which read on the envelope: “Official Government Mail. Do not Discard.” Inside the mailing was allegedly an official ballot that was already marked.

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