The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control

When I came across the World Economic Forum’s article titled “A Māori lens on AI: how indigenous cultures can help keep us grounded,” I got that sick feeling in my stomach that always comes with a taste of the New World Order.

The article asks, “So, what if AI could be embedded with the values of diversity, inclusion, dignity – its purpose to protect and ensure the sustained wellbeing of people and planet? What if there was no sense in which AI could be bought and sold to the highest bidder, but was managed for the good of many?” (The good of many? Not the common good?)

It goes on to claim that the Maori culture would be a good model for embedding into AI, rather than the greedy old-school colonialist white ways, aka Western Civilization. It seems to imply that the Maori have been diversity experts for thousands of years.

Well, I beg to differ. Granted, I’m not an expert on Maori culture, but I do have one experience that made me suspicious of the real intent of this WEF article.

One night in the summer of 2015, I had a heart-to-heart talk with a Maori warrior. We had been traveling Taiwan together with 15 or so representatives of the aboriginal peoples who inhabit the Pacific Islands. The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had invited us to help promote tourism to Taiwan.

After a long bus ride, the Maori man–an avowed Maori warrior who had performed an incredible and frightening traditional war dance for our group–and I took a walk outside our hotel. We grabbed a couple of Taiwan beers at a convenience store and then cracked them open in the driveway outside of our hotel. Perhaps baffled by my belief in Catholicism, he asked what I thought about the relationship between men and women?

I fumbled around hemming and hawing until he shared with me his thoughts. The gist of his thinking was that women should be slaves of men. His wife was subservient. He made all the decisions, and his wife was there to do what he told her, and she liked it. I don’t know if he is typical of the Maori or not (and I do not mean to be disrespectful), but my sense is that this abuse of women is rather common. Dig around on sites related to Maori treatment of women and you’ll find comments like this:

What I wish was that all native/indigenous men would value women. Times HAVE changed and its apparent in the fact that indigenous women experience domestic violence at least 50% percent more prevalent than any other ethnicity. It hurts. Sometimes I wonder what happened to our men. Why do they abandon us or abuse us? It hurts.

I realize this may not be a fair criticism. There is some evidence that Maori culture didn’t always treat women this way in precolonial days. And it appears that the traditional Maori views of sexuality were more in line with the LGBTQ movement of today. cite

But the alignment with sexual views is, like always with powerful groups who use Leftist ideology for their own purposes, only a cover. The WEF may have another reason to be looking to the Maori, and not Western systems, as a model to embed into AI, a more sinister reason: the Mauri views on private property and collectivism.

The article states, “These holistic, collective principles can be seen, for instance, when Māori land is returned; it is not immediately turned into private land with a “keep out” sign put on the door, even if it is prime real estate. Instead, local tribes continue to co-govern with the local government for the inclusive benefit of everybody. It is a successful business model.”

Venture capitalists (many of them members of the WEF) are buying up single-family homes and taking us one step closer to Klaus Schwab’s dream that the common folk, peasants like you and me, will own nothing (and we’ll be happy) by the year 2030. In 2020, the rich oligarchs and member partners of the WEF stole $5 trillion dollars from us by keeping us locked up at home and distracted with Covid fearmongering.

The WEF is clearly against rights to private property because those rights stand in the way of their plans for one-world totalitarian government. Appealing to indigenous cultures, who didn’t have strong private property laws, as models for society helps the WEF with its totalitarian plans. According to the CATO Institute, “America’s Founders understood clearly that private property is the foundation not only of prosperity but of freedom itself.” cite

Instead of building on two thousand years of logic and reasoning that developed from Judeo-Christian society in the West–which gave rise to the most just and fair societies in human history, giving birth to science, medicine, and the university system–the World Economic Forum is looking to indigenous systems because in those systems we will not enjoy the same rights. Perhaps by “grounded” the WEF really means “punished.”

That’s it, my fellow peasants. We’re grounded.

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One thought on “The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control

  1. The WEF wants to cull the indigenous people. They could care less about diversity and inclusion. The indigenous people will fight back against the tyrants at any cause.

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