BLM is a false flag

Looking for a good name for your a movement? Here’s an idea. Use a complete sentence that everyone agrees on. That way, you can do ANYTHING you want and if someone disagrees with you, you’ll be able to denigrate them for going against the basic truth that the name espouses!

That is what the Black Lives Matter organization (BLMO) has done with the sentence “Black lives matter.” And that’s why we must stop calling it BLM. They are Marxists hiding behind a name that no one is able to disagree with.

It is one thing to think that black lives matter–indeed it’s insulting for those of us who have never discriminated against a black person and who have always known black people matter–but it’s quite another thing to go along with the agenda that the BLMO is pushing. What exactly are they pushing? Here’s the short list. Note that the good of blacks isn’t on it:

  1. An end to the nuclear family structure.
  2. Defunding the police.
  3. Reparations.
  4. Trump’s resignation or defeat.
  5. Marxism.

On ending the nuclear family structure, the BLM website says, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…” I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “requirement.” Nobody requires families to stick together. Problem is, the nuclear family (mother, father and child) has been proven over and over in study after study to be the best place for kids to grow up. Without a father, statistics show you are times more likely to end up in jail, get pregnant as a teen, have mental health issues, etc. Is BLMO saying that since black men tend to stick around less to fulfill their responsibilities to their children, the rest of the world should suffer like black kids? Seems the problem is not racism. Is absenteeism. Black fathers and mothers need to stick it out more. We all do, for the sake of our kids.

The BLMO cares about defunding the police not because of systemic racism on the police force. Many studies show that blacks are actually less likely than whites to be treated badly by police. The real reason BLMO wants to defund the police is so they can bring about their another of their stated goals: Marxism.

“…Marxism lies at the root of this unrest and that it really isn’t about black people and justice, it’s about people who are political activists and they see an opportunity to advance an agenda that’s about them.”

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