Apparently, NO lives matter

Americans have been isolated for more than two months, waiting patiently to “flatten the curve” and praying to get rid of Covid 19. Now, suddenly, it’s okay for everyone to get outside and protest in close quarters, side by side, hand in hand? Laying aside whether the “Black Lives Matter” protests are justified, how do they have the right to be protesting NOW?We have witnessed 41 police officers die of COVID-19 while protecting us from criminals.

BLM seems to be giving the middle finger to all the good people who have hunkered down and done their part to help America and the world get through this pandemic. It’s not as if the blacks are the only ones suffering. Thousands of Americans of all “races” are suffering.

  • We have watched 20 million jobs disappear.
  • We have watched businesses that people worked for and dreamed about their entire lives fail.
  • We have watched front-line workers risk their lives every day to help people with Covid, and we have all sacrificed a lot to “flatten the curve.”
  • We have watched 104,000 of our people die because of COVID-19. 398,000 people worldwide have died from it.

Since January, FORTY ONE police officers have died of Covid-19 because they continued working to protect us. Another TWENTY TWO police officers were gunned down, senselessly. But suddenly, it’s okay to go out and protest.

It is utterly offensive for people to be marching at this particular moment in history, especially to protest the very people who have been sacrificing their lives for us. OFFENSIVE!

Protesters are out there spreading Covid 19, blocking streets and businesses that should be opening up, vandalizing and looting, calling black, white, Hispanic and Asian police officers “pigs.” …How is all of this is supposed to help us feel sorry for blacks?

Instead of chanting “Black lives Matter” the protesters should just shout what their actions are showing us they really think. “NO lives matter.”

Published by RLMartin

Search for truth. Defend it as best you can.

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