The most dangerous side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines

Am I the only one who feels like we’re in a Men in Black movie? Watching the weirdness of 2020 (Covid, BLM and the election) was like witnessing an alien invasion. A slimy monster from another world, probably hell, ravaged our cities, decimating lives, shutting down businesses, and slobbering all over the place. Then, as we lay panting and wiping the slime from our eyes, the Covid vaccines suddenly appeared and–like Will Smith’s and Tommy Lee Jones’ neuralizers–they are supposed to make us forget everything that happened and get us back to normal.

While everyone else was looking into the neuralizer, I must have blinked. Here is just a partial list of things I cannot forget about just because millions of us have been “vaccinated”:

  1. Doctors knew as early as January 2020 that Covid-19 was similar to Sars-1. They knew that Hydroxichloroquin was effective against Sars-1 and they started having success treating Covid-19 patients with HCQ. Doctors who continued to prescribe it were fired and at least one was thrown in jail.
  2. American taxpayers paid for the research of the Covid vaccines. Now Moderna and Pfizer will make $40 billion dollars and they have NO liability for any of the millions of vaccine injuries they have caused. Who will pay the bill for those injuries? American taxpayers again.
  3. The top 1 percent of the population grew their wealth by $5 trillion, a 40% increase, in 2020 alone.
  4. America’s debt grew by $5 trillion dollars.
  5. Amazon took delivery of 20,000 Mercedes-Benz vans at the end of 2019 just before all small businesses were shut down and the world became dependent on Amazon delivery.
  6. I was censored repeatedly on Facebook for posting information that I had researched well and believed to be true. Thousand of conservatives were censored, and many were completely kicked off of the platforms:,, President Trump, etc.
  7. Amazon Web Services shut down Parlor and other sites that did not tow the Leftist lines.
  8. The propaganda machine of the US government/industrial complex kicked into full gear, making sure that all news about Trump was negative and all news about Biden was positive.
  9. According to Patrick Byrne, Trump may have been threatened that he would be “JFK’d” if he didn’t stand down.
  10. The election was highly irregular, but no one in our government was willing to question the results of the election.
  11. BLM rioted for several months, tearing down statues, burning down buildings and churches, stopping traffic, looting, and killing people. They were called peaceful protestors. Trump supporters went to the Captiol in DC to demand election integrity, and they were called insurrectionists.

Recently, Jeff Bezos took a trip into the outer atmosphere as if to gloat over his minions on earth. He is in no way forgiven for the role he played in the unprecedented coup that was 2020.

These things and hundreds more we CANNOT allow to pass by without careful investigation. The elites may think that by waving a vaccine in front of our faces they can make us forget about everything. But like all sins, if these are not dealt with and if no penance is done to make up for the harm, we and our children are destined to suffer the consequences.

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