Asian-hate crimes false flag from Liberation Road

If you read the first few paragraphs of the About page on the Liberation Road website you may find yourself agreeing with them. They are right that the 1% controls and screws people over. They are right to want to push for change and put the power more into the hands of the people. But that’s where their rightness ends. If you read on, you’ll find that Liberation Road admits to being at the heart of virtually all the conflicts we are seeing these days, that they had a lot to do with Trump’s defeat, and that their philosophy is straight from the pits of hell. They are also working with to generate a list of hate crimes against Asians so that they can stir up trouble.

Their website says: Real freedom will require the destruction, by every means necessary, of the whole current social order based on the rights of the wealthy to keep everything they have and constantly grab for more.

Here’s their strategy: Win as much as possible and weaken the enemy through collective and militant action; Spread class consciousness and build the unity of the working class through education and organization; Recruit people to socialism by promoting international solidarity, agitating against capitalism, studying, and providing a program to build an alternative world.

The are involved in: immigrant workers’ centers and labor unions and rank and file caucuses. organizations in oppressed communities, the Movement for Black Lives and the Climate Justice movement. We are in student groups, in teacher and parent organizations. We are in the LBGTQ organizations and movement, international solidarity groups, and many more.

Trevor Loudon has reported a good deal about this organization. We really need to listen to him and figure out how we can organize against this demonic group. Pray against this organization.

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