Black Hair Matters

A few days ago there was a fight at my middle school during passing time after 4th period. Two girls were going at it, surrounded by a massive crowd of gawking teens and pre-teens all with their phones out filming the mayhem. My principal pulled one girl off the other and a few of us teachers did our best to get the kids to class.

As the crowds subsided, I noticed on the ground were several long black ponytails. The black girl, who appeared to have won the fight against a Pacific Islander because the PI girl was laying on the ground crying, had lost her weaves in the fight. One kid picked up the weaves and started having fun with them, swinging them around as if they were ropes. I tried to confiscate them, but the kid ran off.

In July of 2020, during the height of the BLM riots thirteen tons of human hair was seized by Customs and Border Protection in New York.

It was mostly being marketed as weaves for black women.

It came from Uygher Muslim slave women in China.

Maybe one of these days people will get over their old-world tribal prejudices.

It might help to believe that black hair matters. Black hair belongs to all races.

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