Get ready. Covid passports are on their way.

Planning to travel overseas late this year or next? No problem. Everything is under control, and life is back to normal, except for one little thing: “We’ll need to see your Covid Passport, please.”

Before you say, “Oh no no no. We’ll never let that happen, not here in America,” allow me to introduce the organizations that are already making it happen, whether you like it or not.

The Commons Project, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, is a “non-profit” organization that has teamed up with the World Economic Forum to create CommonPass.

According to the Commons Project Website, “For global travel and trade to return to pre-pandemic levels, travelers need a secure and verifiable way to document their health status as they cross borders. Countries will need to be able to validate a traveler’s record of a COVID PCR test or vaccination administered in another country. Countries will also need the flexibility to update their health screening entry requirements as the pandemic evolves and science progresses. Airlines, airports and other travel industry stakeholders will need the same.”

The Commons Project has developed CommonPass to address those challenges. How very nice of them. Here’s how it tyrannizes, I mean, works.

So who is behind the Commons Project?

It’s another one of those international organizations that claims to be beholden to no one country. However, it appears to be beholden to the World Economic Forum, which is in charge of the Great Reset, which essentially is aiming for one-world government. Ah, the smell of Novus Ordo Seclorum is in the air!

“The Commons Project and The World Economic Forum have convened more than 350 public and private sector leaders from 52 countries to come together to design a common framework for safe border reopening.” These are all leaders from biotech companies, pharmacological companies, health industry corporations, insurance agencies, global management firms, etc. etc. All of them would conceivably have use for your personal data, which, despite their claims of privacy, will be free for sale under the very lax HIPPA regulations in the US. Additionally, all countries have a different policy pertaining to private health information (PHI). So it is difficult to imagine that this international cast of vested characters would even try to keep your medical information secret.

Certainly, if China has a hand in it, and they do, the data will be added to their already growing database. Interesting that the Executive Chair of Commons Project is Jennifer Zhu Scott, from Sichuan, China. According to her LinkedIn profile she was a former Council Member of China Council at the World Economic Forum. She was also a China Fellow at the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Institute appears to be a major force behind the social justice push.

Still not convinced? Here’s another organization intent on making Covid passports mandatory: BLOK Bioscience’s Immunity Passport. BLOK Bioscience’s passport technology has the stamp of approval of ID2020. ID2020 is another pet project of Bill Gates, which has long been pushing for digital IDs which use biometric data. Presumably, they will help poor people. Biometric Updates quotes ID2020 Executive Director Dakota Gruener as saying in a prepared statement, “The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust digital credentials into the global spotlight. As we consider digital ID-based solutions for public health applications, getting the technology right is not negotiable. We intentionally set a high bar for certification and are delighted to recognize the BLOK Bioscience Immunity Passport solution for meeting our high standards for privacy protection, user-management, portability, and more.”

It seems a certainty that Covid Passports are in our near future. At the very least, they will be required for international travel, soon.

I just wish I’d taken that trip to Europe back in 98 when I had the chance.

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