We’re too far gone – Return to God. That’s all.

I don’t think it’s really possible anymore for conservatives and liberals to agree. That’s because if you trace all of our arguments back to their logical starting points you’ll see we start from two very different premises related to our understanding of human nature. The question to ask is this:

Do you think human nature is basically good and if left to make our own choices we will end up doing the “right” thing? Or do you think that human nature is generally flawed and if left to make our own choices, we will likely end up doing the wrong thing?

Huge oversimplification here, but If you think we are basically good, you probably lean liberal. If you think we’re basically flawed, you might lean conservative. The Judeo-Christian world view on which America was founded tells us that humans are born into sin and that we need laws to guide us on the right track. Therefore, we need the rule of law to keep us moving in a good direction. We need police, military, and other authority figures to maintain order in society because we know crime will happen.

Liberals think that authority figures are oppressors, and they prefer that we tear down systems that keep order. They like to believe that the system of order was oppressive and racially discriminatory and that if they could just tear those down, the world would naturally become a good place where equality reigns supreme. But at the same time they prove themselves hypocrites of their own belief system by shouting “black lives matter” putting blacks above other races, by killing police officers of all races, by threatening death and violence.

These are the people who think that human nature is good. As conservatives, we know human nature is weak and prone to evil. And at times it becomes so evil it must be fought not with words but with weapons. We’re starting with the weapon of prayer. Catholics, pull out your 50-round clips (Rosaries) and jump into the battle. Christians, pray like never before that the left will realize they were not born nice and that what’s making the world a bad place is people failing to realize they are flawed.

Pray that the left realizes what human nature really is like. We’ve seen it too many times throughout history. We don’t need to see it again.

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