The truth behind recent anti-Asian hate crimes

Asians have nothing to fear from their conservative allies. It’s the communists and socialists seeking to destroy America that they really need to watch out for.

Call me a stone-cold pessimist, but when the news starts to report a rise in anything, I immediately become suspicious. “What are they trying to pull now?” I immediately wonder. So when they recently revived last April’s story-line that hate crimes against Asians are rising, my natural instinct was to yell at the top of my lungs, “BULLSHIT!”

But that’s just me, an older white guy who’s been married to an Asian nearly half of his life. Here’s my theory about the so-called rise in Asian-hate crimes: They may be happening, but they are not what you think. The crimes are NOT predominately being committed by white conservatives, even though that is the conclusion one would draw from the reporting done by the legacy media. Even if some of them are, those people are outliers and not representative of Conservatives as a group.

Conservatives know fully well that–as Trump rightfully reminded us–Covid-19 came from China. However, we are smart enough NOT to blame the Chinese people as a whole, much less Asians in general. We blame the Chinese Communist Party. And right now, the CCP is exactly who I blame for this despicable rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, whether real or fake.

Let’s start with motive: The CCP has good reason to want to divide America along racial lines, and the CCP has proven that it is highly involved in generating this division. Early on in the pandemic last year, the CCP sent out a memo to over 200 socialist organizations imploring them to use the Coronavirus as a chance to push socialist agendas worldwide. They supported BLM and watched with glee as rioters took to the streets during a pandemic (demonstrating to the public that absolutely NO lives mattered to them).

From the BLM organization’s website. BLM’s founders claim to be trained Marxists.

Later on that year, it was discovered that the CCP had funded organizations like Seed the Vote to actively campaign against President Trump. According to their website, “Seed the Vote became an enormous volunteer powerhouse to defeat Trump. Now, we will turn that power to organizing to win the Senate.” A look at the organizations that Seed the Vote works with reveals Leftist/socialist groups, many of which have their own seedy ties to China.

Seed the Vote is a CCP-backed grassroots organization that boasts it helped oust Trump.

And finally, the organization that is crying out the loudest about anti-Asian hate crimes also has ties to the CCP. It is called Stop AAPI Hate.

The home page of
Note the similarities in color scheme and style with BLM.

According to the RAIR Foundation, “The spokespeople for this initiative consist largely of three individuals: Russell Jeung, chair and professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, Manjusha Kulkarni, executive director of the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON) and Cynthia Choi, co-executive director of the “Maoist-leaning” Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA). The trio works closely with known front organizations for Liberation Road, according to communism and subversion expert Trevor Loudon, who spoke exclusively with RAIR Foundation USA.”

RAIR also makes a good point that the database of so-called hate crimes against Asians is not available to the public, and it is made up of only anecdotes, most of which, to me, sound more similar to bullying like I experienced nearly every day of junior high and high school.

The Chinese for Affirmative Action organization recently helped pass and implement Proposition N — “a groundbreaking Non-Citizen Voting Ordinance that allows all public school parents and guardians to vote in local school board elections.” San Francisco State University was long home to a Confucius Institute, which has been exposed as a tool for the Chinese Communist Party to steal intellectual secrets from American research companies.

The Confucius Institute website still lists San Francisco State as a location for one of its centers.

Asians have nothing to fear from their white conservative allies. It’s the communists and socialists who seek to destroy America that they really need to watch out for. It’s worth noting that anti-Chinese sentiment is up around the world. The Chinese are experiencing trouble in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia.

And in truth, anti-white hate crime is currently more serious than anti-anything-else crime.

No, hate crimes are not rising against Asian Americans

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4 thoughts on “The truth behind recent anti-Asian hate crimes

  1. I’m from an Asian family and totally agree with you! It all stinks of false flags. Some even wonder if it is to trigger attacks on the freedom-loving Chinese people here in the US because the Chinese people here will tell us the TRUTH of the evil of the CCP! I just looked at the AAPI’s Go Fund Me and for some of the stories, we really have no proof it was a hate crime targeted at Asians – and many of them in San Francisco too, which is even more suspicious. Maybe somebody has an answer to this, but I wonder who would hate Asians in an incredibly diverse city as SFO? I’m scratching my head on that one, though I did hear people are being paid to incite Asian hate, as the Antifa rioters were paid by the puppet masters pulling the strings in this show. Not to make light of those who are truly harmed that happen to be Asian – it certainly happens to any and all groups of people. But what they also may be trying to do as they did with the Black community is try to get Asians to hate white Americans because many of the patriots that stand ready to defend this country just happen to be white – or at least that is the stereotype. It is the gun-owning patriotic Americans who just happen to be predominantly white and their friends of all colors that are the biggest (armed) threat to the deep state. They’ll do anything to take down the Americans that know their history and their rights and will fight for this country.

    I’ll say this – in my lifetime, my family has NEVER been targeted with Asian hate. Ignorance? Yes, a little as a child, but never hate. Before my lifetime is a different story. I tried to think of one instance where hatred toward Asians sprang up in my lifetime and it was during the LA riots in the early 90’s, brought on by Black citizens of South Central LA. Folks, that was a looong time go. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been about 30 years ago already. But that is truly the only hate toward Asians I ever witnessed in my lifetime.

    And if marxist leftists want to believe anyone in the pro-America, Trump-supporting community hates Asians as the media will tell them to believe, they need to know that most of us are awake to what is really going on in the world, and those of us that know, we know most of the good people of China are standing with us in our fight for freedom and are our friends – many of them took to the streets to beg for Trump to help them. My heart goes out to the Chinese citizens that are facing injustices we’re about to face and I wish we could save every one of them. What we also know is that the Chinese COMMUNIST Party conspiring with leftist Americans posing as decent people are the real threats to our country and world.

    God bless the innocent Chinese citizens of China, and all the Chinese-Americans that stand against the CCP, as well as our freedom-loving friends in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, who have all taken to the streets to show their support. Even some in India have as well. They are “Americans” at heart and are more awake to what is going on than our own people who continue to choose brainwashing, indoctrination, and propaganda as their “news.”

    1. Thank you, Hadassah! I do believe that there are millions of good Chinese people both in China and here in America. We need more Bo Yangs. We need our Asian American brothers and sisters who left communist countries to stand up and speak out more than ever. Asians need to call out the race baiters on their total BS!

      I just checked out your blog! What you are doing is very important! You are honed in on what really ails the world. It’s not really a race issue but a sex issue (that and greed). As long as men sit around looking at porn (30% of all internet traffic is pornographic) and women insist on the right to abortion, our society will continue to decay and we will be ripe for the picking. Thankfully, I studied Mandarin so maybe I’ll be able to get by. 🙂 Our only hope is God. Always has been, always will be.
      Keep doing what you’re doing. We need women of faith more than ever. You’re our Judith, our Assassin’s Mace! “For now is the time to help thy inheritance, and to carry out my undertaking for the destruction of the enemies who have risen up against us.”

  2. Love your comments back – thanks, RLMartin!!! God bless you and yours!

    My posts are pretty old – I started out great but busyness got to me and I’d been influencing on other platforms but gotta get this one going again. Now the world is full of so much deception that I do want to update it and focus on truth-telling. But yes, men leading, protecting, and fathering might be the answer to many things after Jesus Christ. Even women that get abortions most often do it because they feel so scared and alone because the man doesn’t support them, and they feel there’s no way they can do it on their own. Of course, people like those at Planned Parenthood pressuring them to get abortions doesn’t help either.

    And yeah… some amazing Asian-Americans are rising up! I imagine you guys have heard of how heroic and brave Xi Van Fleet has been, a Chinese-American mother in Virginia warning against Critical Race Theory. She was invited on Fox news after this video went viral…

    1. Hey Hadassah. I’m so sorry for not replying earlier! I didn’t get any notification of your comment. Yes. I appreciate Xi Van Fleet very much. We need more like her! If I can help with your blog in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll try to keep up with the comments here better. 🙂 Again, you’re doing a very important work. God bless you, too.

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