Letter to school board regarding Critical Race Theory

Children are innocent. No matter what crimes their parents may have committed, in a civil society, children are never held to blame for crimes committed by their parents. Instead, society designs programs that attempt to shield them from the sins of their fathers and mothers. For instance, CPS may take custody of a child whose parent has done something heinous.

But currently, in our schools, there is one group of children that is not being protected from the sins of their forebears. Instead, they are being taught that their parents were racists, that they have unwarranted privileges, and that they need to suffer for what their parents did.

I’m talking about our white children in the _____________ district. As a result of years of equity and diversity indoctrination, some students of color seem to think that white kids are now fair game for bullying. They’re NOT. The coerced imposition of Critical Race Theory or overemphasis on diversity and equity are having negative consequences on all students.

While it may be true that white people have done a lot of bad things in the past (all races have), it is NOT justifiable to punish white kids for those mistakes. The equity and diversity cadre may not be sensitive to their own bias, but consider this: when white kids hear the term “equity and diversity” they subconsciously feel ashamed and left out. It is hard to imagine a curriculum based on the current definition of “equity” that does not carry with it an implicit bias against white children. At the very least, the equity and inclusion curriculum is insensitive to how white children may interpret what is being said. You’re probably thinking this is an example of “White Fragility,” right? But do you see how the terminology is so anti-white that whites can’t even feel offended? If whites feel offended they are said to be “fragile.”

I recognize that there are good intentions behind the push for equity and inclusion. And I recognize that many minorities have faced significant disadvantages during America’s development. But the result of this dash towards “equity” is that a certain group of our kids are being treated inequitably. We can see this from the data. In schools where whites are in the minority and presumably taught more about the evils of whiteness, they have a lower graduation rate. When we teach students that the white race is racist (which is a central tenant of Critical Race Theory) and when we teach only the negative history of whites, we are setting our minority white students up for failure and abuse. And we are misleading students of color into thinking that all whites are bad, saddling them with the lifelong burden of a racist attitude.

School districts should never punish kids for what their parents have done. We wouldn’t shame a student whose father is in jail for murder. Why should we make white students feel guilty about their ancestors’ past, especially when there is actually a lot of good to remember?

I believe that Americans of color can be empowered and enjoy true equality without tearing down the current system, as is being proposed by organizations like Liberation Road, and many other socialist organizations.

Critical Race Theory has no place in the budget of _________________district. Any funding that goes toward this curriculum should be considered a form of state-sanctioned racism. Some states like Idaho have already drafted legislation against CRT for the very reasons I’ve mentioned here.

The ____________ district has a mandate to educate, NOT indoctrinate. Critical Race Theory is race-based Marxism that pushes the idea of equality of outcomes but rejects the idea of equal treatment under the law. I believe that everyone has the right to equal treatment, no matter what their parents may or may not have done in the past.

Please. Fulfill your duty to ALL students by protecting them from race-based hate. Let’s work together to ensure that truly ALL students are treated equally.

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