President Select – Biden

BLUF: Biden was not elected by the people. He was selected by powerful left-wing interest groups who blatantly interfered in our election.

I am not generally a negative Nancy. Well, that’s not true. I’m pretty cynical. What I mean is that I’m not usually a contrarian. I easily go along with the crowd. I figure if everybody wants burgers, I’ll eat a burger. If everyone wants to see a different movie than I do, I’ll usually sit through the movie or wait for others while they do. And if the majority of the people want a different person for president than I do, fine. We voted. I’ll stand back and keep my peace.

But I cannot stand back this time. I will never accept a Biden presidency.

It’s not just because I think Biden is a criminal. Though he did do incredibly illegal things while he was vice president, including threatening to withhold money from Ukraine if Biden didn’t get what he wanted. BTW, that’s the exact crime, even in the same country, that the Dems accused Trump of and spent three months of last year impeaching the President on. Only difference is that with Biden we have a full confession on video. He was bragging to his buddies on the CFR about what he did. But Biden’s obvious corruption, including his son’s involvement with Burisma, in Ukraine is not why I can’t accept him.

It’s not because he has a penchant for sniffing little girls’ hair, or the fact that he slurs his speech and shows signs of Alzheimer’s, or that he did nothing during his 47 years as a politician except make ALL the wrong decisions or the fact that Obama once said something to the effect that if you want to screw something up, just ask Biden to do it. And it’s not because he and his family have made millions from China and is likely to sell our country out to them. It’s not even because he claims to be Catholic but still supports abortion.

While those are all very good reasons why I didn’t vote for him, I could overlook those flaws and accept his presidency if it were not for the following reason: I don’t believe he won.

-The voting malfeasance is beyond compare with any other election in American history. Check out my post on the evidence. Better yet, check out the Here is the Evidence project.
-The mainstream media campaigned for him, giving him an unfair advantage. If the media had reported the truth, at least 17% of voters would not have voted for him.
-The big tech companies censored Trump supporters. I know. I was personally censored on FB several times.
-The pharmaceutical companies, big unions, and pro-abortion and socialist organizations campaigned tirelessly for Biden dropping millions of dollars into his campaign.
Organizations with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, including Seed the Vote and BLM, worked hard to elect Biden. In fact, the Seed the Vote website boasts “Seed the Vote became an enormous volunteer powerhouse to defeat Trump.”

There was clearly a plot to put Biden in the White house and to defeat Trump. Like I said, I could support the guy if I felt like he had won a fair election. But the 2020 election was not fair. And I may never vote again. It’s that bad. Instead of voting, I’m going to devote my time to exposing lies and pressuring my elected representatives. I will never get behind President elect Biden, because I believe he was not elected. He was selected by powerful and wicked interests.

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