Liberal media, relax. Education has already divided us.

Amid all the talk that the liberal media is trying to divide Americans, we seem forget that education has already done a phenomenal job of it. The liberal education system, coupled with its reinforcing branch, the liberal media, has completely set Americans against one another. Families are being torn apart when one member decides to vote for Trump after doing their own research. The media tries as hard as it can to make sure that the remaining family members stay loyal to the Democratic party.

But the media doesn’t need to try so hard anymore. They’ve succeeded. We already ARE divided. No other issue makes the gap more obvious than abortion.

The image above illustrates that education tends to make people liberal. The more education you get, the more likely you will think that abortion is okay. The less education you have, the more likely you’ll think abortion is wrong. There are a number of possible explanations: Perhaps educated people have more carefully thought out the issue and concluded, by way of their impressive college-educated brains, that abortion is fine. Or perhaps there is more partying going on and more time to experiment with sex in college, and a pregnancy at that age is terribly inconvenient. Those are valid contributing factors, but it is hard to argue that college professors had nothing to do with the change. Democrat professors outnumber Republican professors 9 to 1 nationwide, and we all know that abortion is one of the treasured causes of that party.

If you don’t believe that Democrats love abortion or that we are divided, just take a look at Senate Bill 311. It would require doctors and medical professionals to give babies that survived abortion the same medical care that any other wanted baby would receive. Last year, there was a motion to move forward with the debate on this bill. One hundred percent of those who voted against it were Democrat. Those who voted to move forward were all Republican with the exception of one Democrat. Kamala Harris was NOT that Democrat. She voted against it. (Does that mean she’s okay with letting born babies die without trying to save them?)

I don’t know what the solution is. It’s like we are a married couple who cannot get a divorce and we’re stuck living in the same house together. We have to figure out some way to live together. If we don’t, our kids will continue to suffer from our education-and-media-induced divisions.

It’s striking that the institutions that talk the most about diversity often practice it the least. For example, no group of people sings the diversity anthem more frequently and fervently than administrators at just such elite universities. But elite universities are amazingly undiverse in their values, politics, and mores. Professors in particular are drawn from a rather narrow segment of the population. If faculties reflected the general population, 32 percent of professors would be registered Democrats and 31 percent would be registered Republicans. Forty percent would be evangelical Christians. But a recent study of several universities by the conservative Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the American Enterprise Institute found that roughly 90 percent of those professors in the arts and sciences who had registered with a political party had registered Democratic. 

David Brooks, “people like us” the Atlantic SEptember 2003

Source for figure at top of page:

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