What’s wrong with being a proud boy?

A lot has been made of the Proud Boys. A teacher at my middle school where I work was ousted because a twitter group calling themselves “We will be ruthless” found out he had joined Proud Boys. The community of holy Leftist zealots kicked in full gear and made sure that the teacher was dismissed from his post. (I’m assuming he was dismissed. He’s no longer there and I’m a new teacher.)

The irony is that Proud Boys is not a racist group. They allow membership to men of any race. The Proud Boys could care less what race you are. Their concern is what sex you are. They are a misogynists’ group, not a racist group. And if you are surprised that a misogynist group could exist, a few statistics might help you understand that there’s not a race problem in America as much as there is a sex problem.

Since 1991, women with college degrees outnumber men.

Men in general make up 70% of the homeless rate. While blacks do make up a disproportionate number of the homeless, white people are more likely to be un-sheltered.

With the diversity push, companies are increasingly raising their percentage of non-white male upper management. This means that there are fewer and fewer jobs for white men. Competition is getting steeper, but the demands and societal expectations have not eased up. You’re still expected to man up, get a job, take care of the family, be the man…

Reverse discrimination is a real thing. Here’s an example at Google.

Many education experts, including Michael Gurian, author of The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and in Life, claim that we have a crisis in the education of boys in this country. The media attention to this topic has been extensive in recent years, yet I do not see the systemic changes that are needed.

Gurian’s book says that boys get the majority of D’s and F’s in most schools, create 90 percent of the discipline problems, are four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD and be medicated, account for three out of four children diagnosed learning disabilities, become 80 percent of the high school dropouts, and now make up less than 45 percent of the college population. If you look in your newspaper right now, in June, you will see the photos and bios of valedictorians from many of your local high schools, and will notice that the majority of them these days are girls. Our modern educational system works for many children, particularly girls, but for some boys (and girls) it places constraints on a very normal and necessary experiential type of learning, not to mention the need of many children to move around rather than sit still. While it may be a cynical statement, I have often felt that co-ed schools are girls’ schools that boys go to. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-boys-are-failing-in-a_b_884262 (I can’t believe I’m using Huffington Post. Please don’t click the link. I don’t want to support this farcical newspaper. And it proves that even a broken clock is right twice a day._

“many experts suggest [the education system] failing boys who are more likely to drop out and experience suspensions/expulsions (GAO, 2018; NCES, Fast Facts 2019). Limited educational experience results in poor employment prospects, increasing the risk of poverty and homelessness (See NCES, Employment and Unemployment Rates, 2019). ” https://endhomelessness.org/demographic-data-project-gender-and-individual-homelessness/

A case could be made that White men are actually worse off in many ways than most other demographics. Here are a couple of stats. I won’t go into trying to prove that. Maybe in a later post.

White men made up 70% of all suicides in 2018.

On scholarship.com, there are 191 scholarships for blacks and 4 for white people

White men should be proud of themselves and their heritage. We made a country where shared power with minorities is possible. But we don’t need to let it slip away. We can stand up and be Proud White Boys.


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