A Prayer List for Our Enemies

Catherine Austin Fits says there’s a loosely knit group of oligarchs, technocrats, and activists who are working to install themselves as our overlords. She calls them Mr. Global. In Refreshing Jutta, I called them the Avogo. Here’s who I think they are.

Please pray for their hearts to be changed, that they will repent and use their wealth and influence to further the kingdom of heaven. Let’s weaken their strongholds with prayer and fasting. This is a spiritual battle. Put on your armor and pray!

An Appeal to Today’s Elites

Oligarchs and NGOs:
The World Economic Forum and their oligarch partners – Hundreds of the world’s wealthiest companies have banded together with the World Economic Forum to push the Great Reset. Pray against them, that their CEOs and leaders will see what’s really happening.
Bill Gates – That he will gain a right understanding of the world as God’s creation and recognize the inherent dignity of each human person.
George Soros – That he will realize before he dies the gravity of his sin. That he will tremble in his old age at the thought of his own death. That on his death bed he will repent, recognize Christ as Lord, and plead with his children to dismantle the destructive organizations he has unleashed on the world.
Jeff Bezos – That he will not overlook the evil that is taking place in his own backyard. That he will stop the power grab and not continue using the pandemic for his own gain but be generous in sharing the wealth.
Jack Dorsey – That Christ will rebuke Satan and loosen the strongholds around this man. That he will open his platform to allow true freedom of speech.
Mark Zuckerberg– That his heart will be softened for the vulnerable. That he will repent of his abuse of power and begin to resist the pressure from other elites to censor people. That he will use his great wealth for the common good and become a defender of humanity. That he will come to know Jesus.
Others among them:
The Good Club
Sundar Pichai
Jeff Zucker
Tim Cook
Klaus Schwab
The Freemasons

The Politicians:
Joe Biden – Repentance. A true reverence for the Eucharist. May he be bowed down with fear and trembling the next time he partakes of the Eucharist in an unworthy manner, not having repented for his support of abortion and numerous other crimes he has committed. And not sought forgiveness from those he has so deeply offended.
Kamala Harris – Acknowledgement of God and renunciation of any evil curse that is upon her and her family.
Andrew Cuomo – Retirement and justice for the deaths he is responsible for.
Maxine Waters – That she will be removed from Congress and thrown in prison for inciting violence
Nancy Pelosi
Chuck Schumer
Adam Shiff
Andrea Ocassio Cortez –
Ilhan Omar – conversion to faith in Christ

The Parties:
Xi Jing Ping and the Chinese Communist Party – That God will put a wall around them and the evil they send out will bounce back onto them doubly. That America will be like a ch’i gong master, taking the negative energy directed at it from China and send it directly back at them with even greater force. That the CCP will fall! They will fall! They will fall! And the people of China will be free. That the will turn to God and revival will sweep China.
The corrupt of Democrat party-
The corrupt of the Republican Party

The Activist Organizations and Philanthro-capitalist Organizations:
United Way Worldwide
Center for American Progress
Council on Foreign Relations
Center for Voter Information
Voter Participation Center

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Planned Parenthood
Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood
The Brennan Center

The Media:
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Vox, WSJ, New York Times, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Fox (nowadays), Newsmax
-That their only agenda will be to expose the truth, no matter how hard the truth is to hear, without bias or greed.

Big Tech:

Pharmaceutical Companies:
That avarice will not cloud their judgments and that they will seek to cure people, not to make money on extended treatments. That their hearts will be touched and moved to compassion for the sick and the dying and that they will give up wealth chasing and put patients first.

Let me know if I should add more. I know the list is incomplete.

Lord Jesus,
You created us all.
You make the sun to shine on the rich and the poor alike.
Help us, who are in the rain, to pray for those in the sun.
Help those of our enemies who desire to destroy us, to be touched by your boundless love.
Show to their hearts the mercy that comes from amendment of ways,
in the same way that we amend our own ways.
And grant to the whole human race forgiveness of our sins and an age of true respect for the dignity that you have given each of us as a birthright.

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