The importance of Trump’s lawsuit against FB and other social media companies

In a press conference on July 7, 2021, President Donald J. Trump, announced an anti-trust lawsuit against Big Tech tyranny.

“Today, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I’m filing as the lead class representative a major class-action lawsuit against the big tech giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter as well as their CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Puchai, and Jack Dorsy. Three real nice guys. We’re asking the court of the southern district of Florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies illegal shameful censorship of the American people.”

A look at Facebook’s dangerous foray into journalism and censorship shows exactly why this lawsuit is so important:

Facebook’s damaging censorship during Covid

During Covid, while globalists like Zuckerberg were quietly stealing $5 trillion dollars from the poor and middle class, people like me, who tried to post information about the virus coming from a lab in China or anything else that dissented from the official CDC/Big pharma position were immediately censored. Our posts were labeled as containing misinformation or potential misinformation or we were banned outright.

Indeed, Zuckerberg, seemed intent last year on rooting out all posts that spoke negatively about the CDC’s response to Covid, or about Biden, BLM or any social justice cause. As a result, conservatives left Facebook in droves. By October of 2020, among the top 25 publishers on Facebook, only about a third (36%) were right-leaning (Source).

The censorship (aka fact checking) got so bad that Facebook outright banned organizations that wanted nothing more than to have their voices heard. One organization, called Walkaway, had over 500,000 members many of whom had shared their testimonies about why they walked away from the Democrat party. Lifesitenews, a Catholic Christian pro-life website I’ve had the privilege of writing for and supporting financially was completely de-platformed for daring to question the wisdom of rushing into Covid vaccines.

But even long before Covid happened, Zuckerberg treated conservatives unfairly. In August of 2018, Media Research Center conducted a national survey of conservatives who were likely voters and found that 32.3% of conservatives who have ever used Facebook say they had either left (7.5%), or were considering leaving (24.8%), Facebook “due to its censorship of conservative views.”

Now, let me be fair to Zuckerberg for a minute. (Just a minute, I promise). It’s not entirely his fault.

The pressure to censor comes from outside FB

Over the years, FB has faced intense pressure from its largest advertisers demanding that they do more to “stop the hate” in social media posts. That pressure heated up during the summer of Covid when globalist corporations, prompted in part by the NAACP’s calls to boycott Facebook as a threat to Democracy, threatened to stop marketing on Facebook.

The march against Facebook last summer led to the loss of some of its largest advertisers, including Unilever, which happens to be a WEF partner company (as is Facebook). As I tried to establish in my article “The Great Redistribution of Wealth 2020” the WEF, with the help of its crony globalist corporations, is intent on resetting the world economy so that they can “build back better” (Yes. That’s a WEF phrase. Biden did not come up with that on his own.) It’s clear now that “build back better” means “reset” as in “The Great Reset.”

In the same month last summer, another WEF partner company, Coca Cola, told everyone that it is “time to reassess our advertising standards and policies to determine…what more we should expect of our social media partners to rid the platforms of hate, violence and inappropriate content.” According to NBC, Coke’s moves came at a time when “social justice organizations and advertising watchdogs [emphasis mine] have teamed up to pressure companies with details about how their ads are supporting hate speech” (source).

Just who are those “advertising watchdogs?” Well, one of them is likely the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), an arm of the World Economic Forum. GARM is part of the not-so-creatively named Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sport platform. According to the website, the SFMES platform “aggregates solutions to major industry disruptions while driving greater social cohesion and helping companies remain accountable to their responsibility for global social good.” Driving social cohesion? Whatever happened to the idea that journalism should inform people of the truth?

The GARM arm of the WEF has been pushing multi-national companies to do something about the blight of so-called hate speech on social media platforms. If you read GARM’s strategy to spread the slow of harmful content, you’ll see that they hide their true intentions behind the protection of children and women from sexual exploitation. They employ a favorite trick of the Left: equivocation. At one minute the term “harmful content” refers to something everyone can agree upon is harmful, like child sexual exploitation. The next minute “harmful content” refers to a post stating that we need to build a wall, never mind that a wall might actually help combat human trafficking.

Since conservatives value free speech, rights of conscience, and rights to private property—all obstacles to the Great Reset—GARM, backed by its multi-billion dollar globalist cadre, has been deployed to assault us indirectly by attacking social media companies, like Facebook.

And our left-leaning “news” outlets march in lock step with the globalist corporations, publishing propaganda that reinforces the need for Leftist companies to boycott FB. Last September, for example, just before the election, Politico published an article claiming in its title that the “Right Wing has a Massive Advantage on Facebook.” Here’s a good rebuttal of the Politico article called The Left is Lying about Facebook. It’s not a coincidence that all of this pressure heated up during the summer of 2020 leading up to the election. All of it was designed to make people think that Trump and conservatives were spreading hate.

At any rate, the point is that FB has faced years of threats that if they don’t root out the hateful voices, the corporations will remove their funding. And since the corporations are now defining what is “hateful,” FB has little choice but to censor conservatives. Unilever alone spent $43 million on FB advertising in 2019. When a client like that threatens to stop advertising, most people would cave like Zuckerberg.

As promised, the minute of being nice to Zuckerberg is over.  

Facebook’s Journalism Project

The truth is that Zuckerberg still has a private moral obligation not to cave in to pressure to censor either side. If Unilever threatened to leave, the right choice would have been to say, “We’re sorry you feel that way. But we believe ALL our customers have a right to free speech.”

Clearly, that’s not what Zuckerberg is about. In fact, not content to censor individual posts, he has taken a leap into the field of journalism. In a post from 2019, Zuckerberg explained, “It’s important to me that we help people get trustworthy news and find solutions that help journalists around the world do their important work.”

To that end, Facebook started the Facebook Journalism Project. If we peek behind the curtains, we see that Facebook’s foray into journalism is not about helping people get truth in their news but about building what the World Economic Forum calls “social cohesion” (see above).

Facebook’s Journalism Project partners with a number of powerful left-leaning organizations, including Media Legal Defence Initiative, which “originated from a programme of work by the Open Society Initiative (OSI).” Open Society Initiative of course is the brainchild of everyone’s favorite tyrannical oligarch overlord, George Soros. Facebook’s Journalism Project has the potential do do untold damage to freedom of the press; according to PEW Research, 67% of Facebook’s 2 billion daily users get news from Facebook.

Fighting Facebook and other socialist media companies

Leftists often come to the defense of Facebook censorship, saying that it is a private company. Therefore, Zuckerberg has the right to censor whomever he feels needs to be censored. These same leftists who vehemently defend big tech tyranny, rage and wail against a cake baker who doesn’t want to make a cake for a particular kind of wedding.

Beyond the hypocrisy, their argument does not hold water. Facebook has grown so large that it’s hard to argue that it is a private company anymore. What they offer has become an important public service, vital even in some cases. If you own a business, you probably know how important Facebook can be. With a user base of nearly 2.5 billion people, if done right, advertising on FB can bring in a lot of customers.

It’s fair to say that companies who do not use Facebook are at a disadvantage with their competition. The exodus of conservatives from FB has given left-leaning companies a business advantage. Monetary and psychological harm have been inflicted on right-leaning business owners by FB’s giving in to the extortioners of the Left.

Certainly, my own plans were impacted negatively by the attacks on what I feel was my right to publish content on FB. For one, I had planned to use Facebook to market my novels, but now, I want nothing to do with them. I remember the world before Facebook, and I envision a world AFTER Facebook.

Aside from that, Trump’s lawsuit will focus on Section 230 which has protected Zuckerberg and the remaining triad that are named in the suit for many offenses. Let’s hope this line of reasoning works.

If you have a story like mine and can show that you were harmed by Facebook, please, help Trump’s lawsuit: Go here and tell your story.

Here is another anti-trust class action lawsuit against FB that I encourage you to join here as well.

Another way to bring down FB is for everyone to stop using them. Delete your account today, no matter how many “friends” you have. Let everyone know you can no longer tolerate the Marxist totalitarian stance that FB is taking. Let everyone know what harm FB’s Journalism Project and the WEF are doing to true journalism. They are not seeking to enlighten us but to make us socially cohesive true believers in the new world order so that they can manipulate us into doing their bidding.We as individuals must make sacrifices.

We are in a war. We need to adjust our expectations about life accordingly. Start adjusting by personally boycotting ALL the companies that are partnering with the World Economic Forum, Facebook included. Join the lawsuits.

The blue color scheme for Facebook was chosen because it is the color that Mark Zuckerberg can see most clearly due to his red-green color-blindness. Too bad his color blindness doesn’t extend to religion and ideology.

If Trump and others are not successful, the only colors we will be seeing in the future are democrat blue and communist red.

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