A walk with God

When I walk my dog, he likes to stop and smell everything. It’s really frustrating and slow going. I mean, he’ll stop and smell another dog’s turd, for Pete’s sake. Sometimes, I have to pull him away from it for fear he’ll ingest it. Today, on our walk, I got to thinking that maybe God is like me and I’m the dog. Not a very good analogy to be sure. I mean, God doesn’t keep us on a leash or impose his will on us, but I do think He walks alongside us. A lot of times, on our walks I will stop and dwell on shit. He gives me a gentle tug or a push, and I get back to walking. Maybe I want to walk one way, but he directs me down another path. The path he leads me on has less crap to stop and smell, but if I lift my head up, I see there’s much better things to check out. He keeps me from running out in front of cars, so to speak. And eventually, he leads me home where I can rest and eat and recuperate for the next day’s walk.

If not for God, I would get distracted and wander around aimlessly. So next time you find God tugging on your heart strings to move, just leave the shit behind and go with him. And if you’re going down what seems like a dark and dangerous path, just know, He’s walking with you. You’ll be home soon enough, safe and sound.

Published by RLMartin

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