Can we add an F to LGBTQIA?

The LGTQIA movement is all about promoting the rights of historically marginalized people. According to Wikipedia–Ugh. I can’t believe I just used that phrase–
“A commonly stated goal among these movements is social equality for LGBT people, but there is still denial of full LGBT rights.”

A denial of full rights? I know one class of people that suffer even more discrimination than the LGBT community.

If LGBTQIA people think they have it bad, just think about fetuses. Many people (Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, most democrats…) believe that fetuses can be killed at anytime if a “pregnant person”, aka a woman, decides he (aka she) or she doesn’t want it! A full 25% of fetuses are killed in the mother’s womb, making it the most dangerous place in the world for a baby. And just think of all the lesbian, gay, bi and trans babies that are being killed by abortion.

It’s great that many organizations care about human rights! But since we keep adding letters to the LGBT alphabet soup, can we add another? An F for fetuses? After all, fetal rights are human rights.

From a historical perspective, it makes sense. Many societies have recognized the rights of fetuses. The following is (again) from Wikipedia, the most liberal-controlled source of information on the planet. (Just try editing the Wikipedia article on abortion to make it more pro-life. You’ll see what I mean.)

For Pythagoreans, however, fetal life was co-equal in moral worth with adult human life from the moment of conception; similar views were held by Stoics.[8]

In ancient Rome, Julius Paulus Prudentissimus noted that “the ancients provided for the free unborn child in such a way that they preserved for it all legal rights intact until the time of birth”.

Several Hindu texts on ethics and righteousness, such as Dharmaśāstra, give fetus a right to life from conception.

In the Byzantine Empire, a fetus was regarded as a natural person and could inherit alongside blood descendants and slaves.

In 1948, the Declaration of Geneva was adopted which… advised physicians to “maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of its conception”.[29] In 1967, American Bar Association Journal noted “the modern trend of legal decisions that grant every property and personal right to the unborn child, including the right to life itself, from conception on”.[30] In 1975, while interpreting the right to life under the Basic Law of Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court opined that “life in the sense of historical existence of a human individual” exists “at least from the 14th day after conception (nidation, individuation)” and thus everyone’s right to life under the Basic Law of Germany includes the unborn as human beings.[31]

So if the LGBTQIA folks are serious about human rights, they should stand for the rights of fetuses, too. Their name should be LGBTQIAF.

Note I don’t mean to imply that sexual dysphoria or persuasion is inherited in the womb. To my knowledge, science has not pinpointed a “gay” gene.

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