Top picks for re-education classes

What classes are you most looking forward to taking at the re-education camps that the Democrats are going to send us to?

Here are my top picks:
How to watch CNN without that twisted feeling in your stomach.

Turning off your critical thinking filter, and five other surefire paths to happiness.

Why NBA players are authorities on racial justice.

The admirable qualities of Chairman Xi.

How to take bribes from foreign governments without getting caught (Taught by Hunter)

Trump was bad and why you believed him.

Defunded police for a civil society.

Why Christmas is evil.

Toxic masculinity (I hear free castrations will be offered, too! And estrogen treatments for males!)

How to tell on your neighbors in secret, or not.

Why you’re a racist for wanting to save babies.

God? His name is the Party.

Reparations 101.

White guilt: what it is, why you should have it, and how to atone for it.

Black lives matter–yours doesn’t.

The world is definitely ending in 12 years if you don’t recycle your damn plastic. This time, we’re serious.

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