Tacoma Chinese Expulsion References

I’m starting a new novel about a love story between a white woman and a Chinese man in Tacoma in 1883-1885, leading up to the expulsion of the Chinese from Tacoma in November 1885. To prepare, I’m reading a lot of articles from the Tacoma Daily Ledger from those early years of Tacoma. I planContinue reading “Tacoma Chinese Expulsion References”

Children’s Poems

Busy Mr. Thelby “Tell me,” said old Mister Thelby. “Tell me Walter Hugh, Why are you so blue?” “Cause I’m bored and it’s cold, and there’s nothing here to do.” “Cause you’re bored and it’s cold? Why, then there’s a million things to do.” “Blah,” said Walter. “I’m certain that’s not true?” “Maybe not forContinue reading “Children’s Poems”