The importance of Trump’s lawsuit against FB and other social media companies

Over the years, Facebook has faced intense pressure from leftist organizations , including the World Economic Forum’s GARM to censor conservative content. In response, Facebook is sinking its teeth into journalism with its Journalism Project, which partners with the likes of Soros.

Giving Covid vaccines to children fits the definition of child abuse

The push to have children get the Covid vaccines constitutes abuse as defined under RCW 26-44-020: “maltreatment of a child…which indicates that the child’s health, welfare, and safety is harmed.” As such, you are required to report.

Vaccines are creating variants of Covid-19, but Big Pharma’s got you covered

In case you’ve been sleeping (or watching CNN), let’s get you caught up with what’s happened over the course of the so-called pandemic. Worldwide, the medical/industrial complex has: Censored information about existing drugs that evidence shows are safe and effective against Covid. Manipulated the death and case rates to make everyone terrified. Spent inordinate amountsContinue reading “Vaccines are creating variants of Covid-19, but Big Pharma’s got you covered”

How big brands are dangerously shaping what’s news

Becoming a “FORCE for good”tm is now as important to business as making a profit It seems like advertisements these days are as much about supporting causes as they are about selling products. Whether it’s Nike talking about protecting the planet and people or Ben and Jerry’s pushing criminal justice reform, all major brands haveContinue reading “How big brands are dangerously shaping what’s news”

Has Wikipedia banned LifeSite articles as a reference source?

Wikipedia talks a nice game about being a charitable, unbiased organization. But it’s worth noting that the website’s budget is now $126 million and its list of benefactors includes the likes of the Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program, Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Perhaps that, more than anything else, helps explain why the “community” has been deprecating links to LifeSiteNews.

Is money the real reason J&J vaccines are being pulled?

It’s difficult to argue that the J&J vaccines are any more dangerous than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. The real reason it’s being pulled may surprise you…if you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of avarice.