Fauci says testing is a “pillar” of our pandemic response. But is it more like a fifth column?

Since we’ve already established that it is allowable for BSL-2 level labs to work on Monkeypox as long as they follow certain practices, it is my contention that the CDC should not limit testing to PCR tests in BSL-3 level labs. We need that transparency.

Considering the abuses of PCR testing that we all witnessed during Covid, I think we all need to be aware of what’s going on with Monkeypox testing.

The CDC should allow testing in BSL-2 labs.

The FDA’s role in the baby formula shortage mirrors its role in the pandemic

With Covid, they destroyed the economy of the middle class, filled the coffers of the world’s elite, and imposed an experimental mRNA genetic treatment on everyone (and passports to prove status) because of a virus that, turns out, was about as deadly as a bad flu. It has now, thankfully, mutated into something less than the flu. Now, they’re shutting down production of baby formula because a few kids might have gotten sick from it.

China’s lockdowns are not about Covid: They’re subtle sanctions of the West

Is it possible China knows that Covid is not a threat but they’re shutting down anyway in order to sanction America without, well, sanctioning America? The Chinese government knows that Covid is a non-issue. They know more about Covid than anyone. Heck, they invented it!

Fuct yest Fuct

Fact: There are no licensed vaccines for Covid available in the United States. Fact: All three Covid vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorization. Fact: In order to maintain EUA for the vaccines, there can be no other approved treatments. This explains the next facts: Fact: Ivermectin and Hydroxichloroquine were banned in the United StatesContinue reading “Fuct yest Fuct”

Middle School English Teacher Invents Free Rapid Covid Test

Since Biden can’t figure out how to get enough rapid Covid tests to keep the Covid cases numbers inflated, I thought I’d help out. I spent all of this afternoon coming up with a new rapid Covid test. Between flipping channels, eating lunch and taking a nap, it really did take me all afternoon. HereContinue reading “Middle School English Teacher Invents Free Rapid Covid Test”

Forced PCR testing is not an accommodation: Ivermectin is

In order to keep my job, I complied and took my first PCR test last week. But afterwards, I was left feeling like I had had things shoved up not just my nose but other places as well.

The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control

When I came across the World Economic Forum’s article titled “A Māori lens on AI: how indigenous cultures can help keep us grounded,” I got that sick feeling in my stomach that always comes with a taste of the New World Order. The article asks, “So, what if AI could be embedded with the valuesContinue reading “The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control”