Middle School English Teacher Invents Free Rapid Covid Test

Since Biden can’t figure out how to get enough rapid Covid tests to keep the Covid cases numbers inflated, I thought I’d help out. I spent all of this afternoon coming up with a new rapid Covid test. Between flipping channels, eating lunch and taking a nap, it really did take me all afternoon. HereContinue reading “Middle School English Teacher Invents Free Rapid Covid Test”

Top picks for re-education classes

What classes are you most looking forward to taking at the re-education camps that the Democrats are going to send us to? Here are my top picks:How to watch CNN without that twisted feeling in your stomach. Turning off your critical thinking filter, and five other surefire paths to happiness. Why NBA players are authoritiesContinue reading “Top picks for re-education classes”

Children’s Poems

Busy Mr. Thelby “Tell me,” said old Mister Thelby. “Tell me Walter Hugh, Why are you so blue?” “Cause I’m bored and it’s cold, and there’s nothing here to do.” “Cause you’re bored and it’s cold? Why, then there’s a million things to do.” “Blah,” said Walter. “I’m certain that’s not true?” “Maybe not forContinue reading “Children’s Poems”