Dear social justice warriors

Are you looking for a group to join that actually believes in the sentence “black lives matter” so much so that there is NO distinction between races? Want to join a family where there is no distinction between classes and no differences between the sexes? Welcome to Christ’s kingdom! If you’re starting to see thatContinue reading “Dear social justice warriors”

Spiritual growth from homelessness

I don’t have any idea what you are going through if you’re homeless. I drove past a homeless encampment yesterday and it reminded me of the shanty towns we used to have in America. Especially in the 1930s, there were many thousands who lived in cardboard villages on the outskirts of big cities. I gotContinue reading “Spiritual growth from homelessness”

Build your nest where you’re supposed to

I was working on an old house trying to get it ready to sell. On my long to-do list was the removal of a lot of junk sitting in the backyard. That junk included three old doors with lots of small glass panels. As I was moving things around, I noticed a wasp busily buildingContinue reading “Build your nest where you’re supposed to”

Jesus was led by the Spirit

The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert, and he remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan. He was among wild beasts and the angels ministered to him. Mark 1:12 When the priest proclaims, “The gospel of the Lord,” there are certain scriptures that I find it hard to respond to withContinue reading “Jesus was led by the Spirit”

Saturday, Glorious

Today is Saturday. I was worried and decided to pray the rosary. The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, told me not to worry. We will not be on this cross forever.The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, told me not to worry. We will rise again with him.The third Glorious Mystery, the descent of the HolyContinue reading “Saturday, Glorious”

Praying for the enemy: “Mr. Global”

Catherine Austin Fits says there’s a loosely knit group of oligarchs, technocrats, and activists who are working to install themselves as our overlords. She calls them Mr. Global. In Refreshing Jutta, I called them the Avogo. Here’s who I think they are. Please pray for their hearts to be changed, that they will repent andContinue reading “Praying for the enemy: “Mr. Global””