COVID vaccines have killed 1,785 more people than the flu this year

According to a January 15, 2020 article in the US News and World Report, “Influenza typically causes about 45 million illnesses, 810,000 hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths in the United States each year.” This flu season, there are exactly zero reported flu deaths. In fact, if CDC data can be trusted, there were only 1,893 positiveContinue reading “COVID vaccines have killed 1,785 more people than the flu this year”

Saturday, Glorious

Today is Saturday. I was worried and decided to pray the rosary. The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, told me not to worry. We will not be on this cross forever.The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, told me not to worry. We will rise again with him.The third Glorious Mystery, the descent of the HolyContinue reading “Saturday, Glorious”

The ones we once thought trustworthy

BLUF: One man who was arrested at the nation’s capitol got so depressed that he committed suicide. The Democrats are responsible for more deaths than they know. Imagine, you hear about a new disease that is killing people and no-one knows how bad it is. As the news spreads, you watch people who you thoughtContinue reading “The ones we once thought trustworthy”

Would someone show me systemic racism in the police force?

“And, by the way, all the research says — including Roland Fryer, an African American Harvard professor, Heather MacDonald,  and the National Academy of Sciences, all of their research says we’re shooting African Americans about 24% less than we probably ought to be based on the crimes being committed.”