Prayer as a substitution of the will

I’ve often wondered why we’re told to pray for other people. Why doesn’t God just help them? Why do we need to pray that they will make good choices or that they will be converted? The Lord’s prayer that Jesus gave us starts with recognizing God as God (“hallowed by thy name”) followed by anContinue reading “Prayer as a substitution of the will”

Forced PCR testing is not an accommodation: Ivermectin is

In order to keep my job, I complied and took my first PCR test last week. But afterwards, I was left feeling like I had had things shoved up not just my nose but other places as well.

The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control

When I came across the World Economic Forum’s article titled “A Māori lens on AI: how indigenous cultures can help keep us grounded,” I got that sick feeling in my stomach that always comes with a taste of the New World Order. The article asks, “So, what if AI could be embedded with the valuesContinue reading “The WEF is using indigenous cultures to promote collectivism and solidify its control”

The most dangerous side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines

Am I the only one who feels like we’re in a Men in Black movie? Watching the weirdness of 2020 (Covid, BLM and the election) was like witnessing an alien invasion. A slimy monster from another world, probably hell, ravaged our cities, decimating lives, shutting down businesses, and slobbering all over the place. Then, asContinue reading “The most dangerous side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines”

The mockingbird media is “extremely dangerous to our democracy”

In case you’re ever tempted to think your local news is independent and looking out for you, watch this. How can they all be on the same page, with the same concerned look on their face, spouting out the same melodramatic lines? They’re owned by the same few publicly traded companies. Nextsar Media Group hasContinue reading “The mockingbird media is “extremely dangerous to our democracy””

The importance of Trump’s lawsuit against FB and other social media companies

Over the years, Facebook has faced intense pressure from leftist organizations , including the World Economic Forum’s GARM to censor conservative content. In response, Facebook is sinking its teeth into journalism with its Journalism Project, which partners with the likes of Soros.

School districts must stop funding and promoting Covid vaccinations

School districts are working on their budgets for the new year. Here’s a letter you can send to your local superintendent or school board asking them to stop funding covid vaccines for kids. It has come to my attention that some school districts have made use of the ESSER funds to promote Covid 19 vaccinationsContinue reading “School districts must stop funding and promoting Covid vaccinations”

Vaccines are creating variants of Covid-19, but Big Pharma’s got you covered

In case you’ve been sleeping (or watching CNN), let’s get you caught up with what’s happened over the course of the so-called pandemic. Worldwide, the medical/industrial complex has: Censored information about existing drugs that evidence shows are safe and effective against Covid. Manipulated the death and case rates to make everyone terrified. Spent inordinate amountsContinue reading “Vaccines are creating variants of Covid-19, but Big Pharma’s got you covered”

Is money the real reason J&J vaccines are being pulled?

It’s difficult to argue that the J&J vaccines are any more dangerous than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. The real reason it’s being pulled may surprise you…if you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of avarice.