Center for American Progress lies about being non-partisan

Center for American Progress claims to be non-partisan, but it champions only leftist causes.

President Select – Biden

BLUF: Biden was not elected by the people. He was selected by powerful left-wing interest groups who blatantly interfered in our election. I am not generally a negative Nancy. Well, that’s not true. I’m pretty cynical. What I mean is that I’m not usually a contrarian. I easily go along with the crowd. I figureContinue reading “President Select – Biden”

Baseless: The Evidence the Left Doesn’t Want to Hear

BLUF (Bottom Line Upfront) The left should not use the word “baseless” when talking about claims of election fraud. Here’s a short list of just some of the illegal activity and statistical anomalies that apparently occurred in the 2020 general election. Unless otherwise noted, each claim comes from The Navarro Report. Between 80 and 100Continue reading “Baseless: The Evidence the Left Doesn’t Want to Hear”

Not just Culp: the people of Washington deserve an audit of the election

The former gubernatorial candidate Laurn Culp is suing for an audit of the paper ballots, vote counting machines, and voting results in King, Clark, Thurston, Pierce, Kitsap and Skagit counties. A closer look at his lawsuit and the circumstances around this election reveals that such an audit is justified. [Update July 2021. Culp was forcedContinue reading “Not just Culp: the people of Washington deserve an audit of the election”

Top picks for re-education classes

What classes are you most looking forward to taking at the re-education camps that the Democrats are going to send us to? Here are my top picks:How to watch CNN without that twisted feeling in your stomach. Turning off your critical thinking filter, and five other surefire paths to happiness. Why NBA players are authoritiesContinue reading “Top picks for re-education classes”

America Needs Couples Counseling!

Let’s face it, America. We need some serious couples counseling! Democrats and Republicans have grown so angry with each other we are like an unhappily married couple bickering over every little flaw we see in our spouse. Republicans are racists! Democrats are baby killers! You didn’t put the lid back on the toothpaste! I’ll killContinue reading “America Needs Couples Counseling!”

Why conservatives HATE this bumper sticker

When I was a more liberal younger self, I used to really like this bumper sticker. But now, I realize how it could be seen as offensive, especially to religious people. For one thing, the bumper sticker implies blame on religion. It seems to be saying that if religious people were as good and peacefulContinue reading “Why conservatives HATE this bumper sticker”

Liberal media, relax. Education has already divided us.

Amid all the talk that the liberal media is trying to divide Americans, we seem forget that education has already done a phenomenal job of it. The liberal education system, coupled with its reinforcing branch, the liberal media, has completely set Americans against one another. Families are being torn apart when one member decides toContinue reading “Liberal media, relax. Education has already divided us.”