The Treachery of Writing?

I heard Peter Kreeft say that writing by its very nature is selfish. He made the observation, which I’ve made many times before, that Jesus wrote nothing. (And I would add Buddha to the list of sages who also wrote nothing). Writing can be not only selfish but at times it can be downright harmful. In fact, writing’s origins lie in keeping track of wrong-doings. It is my understanding that the very first writings were records of what someone owed someone else. So writing has its origins in keeping record of debts, the exact opposite, as we know, of love, which keeps no record of wrong doing. So we should be careful. I should be careful when I write to be aware when it is my ego that is speaking and to silence it. Who needs to hear more ego babble? There’s enough of it already. If I am to be like Jesus, maybe I should write nothing.

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