He Rules with an Iron Rod!

Iron Rod In adoration tonight, I was meditating–Lectio Divina–on a scripture from Revelations. I did not want to meditate on this particular scripture because it’s not one that I felt comfortable with, as is the case with the entire book of Revelations: “He would rule with an iron rod.” It sounds too cruel for a lovingContinue reading “He Rules with an Iron Rod!”

Dump trucks driven by angels

Recently, in what seemed like a fruitless quest to find something good to watch on Netflix, I came across a show called Hoarders. It’s one of those shows that involves a psychologist who attempts to help people make a full recovery from a life-long illness in two days. Aside from that foolishness, it is anContinue reading “Dump trucks driven by angels”

The Treachery of Writing?

I heard Peter Kreeft say that writing by its very nature is selfish. He made the observation, which I’ve made many times before, that Jesus wrote nothing. (And I would add Buddha to the list of sages who also wrote nothing). Writing can be not only selfish but at times it can be downright harmful. In fact, writing’s origins lie in keepingContinue reading “The Treachery of Writing?”

Our liberal education system creates poor soil where our kids can’t flourish

In February, when Covid19 began making its way across America, I decided to get back into gardening. I hadn’t had a garden in several years and figured this would be a great opportunity. After all, I would have plenty of time. From watching a few YouTube videos, I learned an easy, no-til method for creatingContinue reading “Our liberal education system creates poor soil where our kids can’t flourish”

Pray and Sing Like Paul and Silas

In Acts 16:22, Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail for talking about Jesus. I guess freedom of speech has ALWAYS been under threat. But their reactions surprise and amaze me. I would have been cursing the people who did that to me, asking “What right do you have? Blah Blah Blah.” ButContinue reading “Pray and Sing Like Paul and Silas”