The Balance of Your Day


This morning I was not in the mood for church. A long list of excuses presented itself as to why I shouldn’t go. The usual Covid-era excuses: I hadn’t registered for Mass. I was going to a new church where I didn’t know anyone. And I would be forced to wear a mask. I drove to church brooding over the way the way the world was in 2020. I saw something that set me off about BLM. As I got near to the church building, I realized I was was thirsty, and knowing that the water fountains were probably closed at church thanks to Covid, I stopped at Wallgreens. When I got out of my car, a black man gave me what I felt like was a dirty look, but I couldn’t tell because of the mask.

However, the lady working there was black and she greeted me very politely. I grabbed a bottle of water and when she saw that I was ready to check out, she told me she would get me on the first register. To make small talk, I said, “I never thought I would buy a bottle of water with a credit card. Times we are living in.” She agreed and–handing me my receipt–said, “Enjoy the balance of your day.” I thanked her and wished her the same.

I’d never really heard anyone say it that way. Usually, people say “Enjoy the rest of your day.” But she said “Enjoy the balance of your day.” I got back into my car feeling like someone had given me a warm hug. “Yes, this is Sunday,” I thought. “Of all days, it should be balanced.” I know that’s not what she meant, but that is how I received what she said. And it’s more important how one receives what is said than what is said. I understood her to mean “Let the day be balanced. Don’t go to extremes. Don’t worry. Find your balance and enjoy.”

So I’ll do my best to just make the day balanced, to relax and bask in the glory of Jesus, even if I have to be masked at Mass. It certainly helps knowing that there are still good people in the world who want the world to be balanced and back to normal.

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