Seeing Red

Red, my anger.
Red, the three stripes of the enemy.
Red, Republican red.
Red, the color of financial ruin.
The red army, waiting around the corner-
Pharisees wringing hands
drunk on entrapment.
Did I say something wrong?
Did I dare offend the malformed consciences?
The diseased minds of the do-good pavers–
those who raise hell just to make the path to it smoother?
Did my country, too, take that path?
Did I contribute to the blood red road?
Did I too push that nail deeper into his hands with my sins of omission and commission?
Kneeling at the foot of the rejected cornerstone,
I see the dripping
(I offer it to you because it is all I have to offer)

Salvation too is red.

Published by RLMartin

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