Apparently, NO lives matter

Americans have been isolated for more than two months, waiting patiently to “flatten the curve” and praying to get rid of Covid 19. Now, suddenly, it’s okay for everyone to get outside and protest in close quarters, side by side, hand in hand? Laying aside whether the “Black Lives Matter” protests are justified, how doContinue reading “Apparently, NO lives matter”

Rioters and Rocket Ships: The age-old pull between emotion and reason

On Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, as SpaceX launched its long-awaited Dragon rocket towards the international space station, rioters took to our streets and began looting, setting fires to police cars, vandalizing, and shouting obscenities at our dedicated police officers. To me, it felt like we were just reliving history. Fifty years ago, on July 16,Continue reading “Rioters and Rocket Ships: The age-old pull between emotion and reason”

Codependency in the age of social media

Recently, I got a new phone and it came with Tik Tok already installed on it. I had forsworn it as a Chinese spy tool but curiosity got me and I decided to just watch a few videos. Low and behold, I started seeing videos of Christians praying, of blacks denouncing the Black Lives MatterContinue reading “Codependency in the age of social media”

Lessons from Kayaking–Plan, Paddle, Pray

I set out from Titlow today thinking I would try to paddle across to Wollochet, about a 1.3 miles away. At first, the going was easy. I felt confident that I could make it. But after about a half mile, I started to get into some choppy water. I used the Narrows Bridge to myContinue reading “Lessons from Kayaking–Plan, Paddle, Pray”

Pray and Sing Like Paul and Silas

In Acts 16:22, Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail for talking about Jesus. I guess freedom of speech has ALWAYS been under threat. But their reactions surprise and amaze me. I would have been cursing the people who did that to me, asking “What right do you have? Blah Blah Blah.” ButContinue reading “Pray and Sing Like Paul and Silas”

Prayer and the will

I’ve often wondered what the deal is with prayer. Does God really need me to tell him that something bad is going on somewhere and he needs to fix it? For instance, last night I prayed for China. I want the Chinese communist party to fall and to fade quietly into history. Why does GodContinue reading “Prayer and the will”

Writing MIDI characters?

While revising one of my novels for publication, I started to realize that my characters don’t always act in consistently believable ways. I tend to throw in actions and emotions wherever the actions and emotions are needed, regardless of whether a real person, that character I am creating, would have actually done or said thoseContinue reading “Writing MIDI characters?”