My account on the Governor’s Medium page was suspended because questions elevate risk of public harm

After nearly 150 views on my webpage, my account on Medium was suspended because they said my questions presented a risk of potential harm to persons or public health.

Religious-exemption only policies reveal the need for religion

You will read in the annals of our history that our fore-bearers from all lands on the earth came to the United States to practice their religions freely without undue interference from government. While true that people in chains could not have made that journey for religious freedom, nevertheless, the record shows that many peopleContinue reading “Religious-exemption only policies reveal the need for religion”

National Religious Affairs Bureau of Seattle holds hearing to administer punishment of pastor

This is a true story copied directly from a recent email by ChinaAid. I have changed the names to Americanize it and embellished the story with the mention of Facebook instead of Wechat. I figure we might as well get used to hearing what our future sounds like.

Hey Inslee, answer these questions and I might take your stupid shot

On August 9, 2021, third-term governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, announced a draconian vaccine mandate for state employees and healthcare workers. I’ve compiled a list of serious questions I’d like to ask the governor. If he or any of his staff or any doctors on anyone from the CDC can answer them satisfactorily, I might actually consider taking the stupid shot.

Flawed AP story exaggerates Covid hospitalizations among unvaccinated

When it was first published on June 24, 2021, it said that the number of hospital admissions was 853,000, and the percentage of hospitalized people who had been vaccinated was 0.1%. Just five days later, when other outlets like USA Today had picked up on it and written their stories, the AP corrected its numbers. It just so happens that there had been only 107,000 people in the hospital with Covid when AP did its analysis, not 853,000.

The most dangerous side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines

Am I the only one who feels like we’re in a Men in Black movie? Watching the weirdness of 2020 (Covid, BLM and the election) was like witnessing an alien invasion. A slimy monster from another world, probably hell, ravaged our cities, decimating lives, shutting down businesses, and slobbering all over the place. Then, asContinue reading “The most dangerous side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines”

The mockingbird media is “extremely dangerous to our democracy”

In case you’re ever tempted to think your local news is independent and looking out for you, watch this. How can they all be on the same page, with the same concerned look on their face, spouting out the same melodramatic lines? They’re owned by the same few publicly traded companies. Nextsar Media Group hasContinue reading “The mockingbird media is “extremely dangerous to our democracy””

The importance of Trump’s lawsuit against FB and other social media companies

Over the years, Facebook has faced intense pressure from leftist organizations , including the World Economic Forum’s GARM to censor conservative content. In response, Facebook is sinking its teeth into journalism with its Journalism Project, which partners with the likes of Soros.