Saturday, Glorious

Today is Saturday. I was worried and decided to pray the rosary. The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, told me not to worry. We will not be on this cross forever.The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, told me not to worry. We will rise again with him.The third Glorious Mystery, the descent of the HolyContinue reading “Saturday, Glorious”

United Way: A globalist consortium pretending to be a non-profit

BLUF: If you’re going to donate money, why not give it to a small organization rather than a global consortium? United Way puts its money into lobbying Congress to change systems rather than feed people. The United Way and my school district have teamed up in a fund-raising effort to presumably help out our localContinue reading “United Way: A globalist consortium pretending to be a non-profit”

Praying for the enemy: “Mr. Global”

Catherine Austin Fits says there’s a loosely knit group of oligarchs, technocrats, and activists who are working to install themselves as our overlords. She calls them Mr. Global. In Refreshing Jutta, I called them the Avogo. Here’s who I think they are. Please pray for their hearts to be changed, that they will repent andContinue reading “Praying for the enemy: “Mr. Global””

The ones we once thought trustworthy

BLUF: One man who was arrested at the nation’s capitol got so depressed that he committed suicide. The Democrats are responsible for more deaths than they know. Imagine, you hear about a new disease that is killing people and no-one knows how bad it is. As the news spreads, you watch people who you thoughtContinue reading “The ones we once thought trustworthy”

How to vote when your vote no longer counts

I am seriously considering never voting again. The debacle of the 2020 election made it abundantly clear that we can no longer trust that our ballots will be counted correctly, if at all. The undeniable fraud perpetrated by the Democrats, the unforgivable lies of the media leading up to the election, the inexcusable censorship byContinue reading “How to vote when your vote no longer counts”

Washington citizens should demand term limits and in-person voting

BLUF: Washington State does not have term limits for governor or other elected offices. The lack of term limits and the increased use of mail-in voting make tyranny and despotism possible. Washington just “re-elected” two people in very important positions for their third consecutive terms: The Governor, Jay Inslee, and the Secretary of State, KimContinue reading “Washington citizens should demand term limits and in-person voting”

Democrat activists cloaked as non-partisan organizations are as bad as any voter fraud

The Voter Participation Center (VPC) claims to be non-partisan. But a close look at who’s behind it, reveals it’s true colors

President Select – Biden

BLUF: Biden was not elected by the people. He was selected by powerful left-wing interest groups who blatantly interfered in our election. I am not generally a negative Nancy. Well, that’s not true. I’m pretty cynical. What I mean is that I’m not usually a contrarian. I easily go along with the crowd. I figureContinue reading “President Select – Biden”