Saturday, Glorious

Today is Saturday. I was worried and decided to pray the rosary. The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, told me not to worry. We will not be on this cross forever.The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, told me not to worry. We will rise again with him.The third Glorious Mystery, the descent of the HolyContinue reading “Saturday, Glorious”

The ones we once thought trustworthy

BLUF: One man who was arrested at the nation’s capitol got so depressed that he committed suicide. The Democrats are responsible for more deaths than they know. Imagine, you hear about a new disease that is killing people and no-one knows how bad it is. As the news spreads, you watch people who you thoughtContinue reading “The ones we once thought trustworthy”

We’re too far gone – Return to God. That’s all.

I don’t think it’s really possible anymore for conservatives and liberals to agree. That’s because if you trace all of our arguments back to their logical starting points you’ll see we start from two very different premises related to our understanding of human nature. The question to ask is this: Do you think human natureContinue reading “We’re too far gone – Return to God. That’s all.”

The Left’s Many Euphemistic Program Titles

Progressives are skilled at coming up with benevolent-sounding names for programs that have malevolent goals. The California Healthy Youth Act–teaches students how to enjoy anal stimulation, in fifth grade. Planned Parenthood–Aborts children so that people won’t be parents at all. Should be called Planned Childlessness. Black Lives Matter–Hides behind a sentence that nobody can disagreeContinue reading “The Left’s Many Euphemistic Program Titles”

Liberal media, relax. Education has already divided us.

Amid all the talk that the liberal media is trying to divide Americans, we seem forget that education has already done a phenomenal job of it. The liberal education system, coupled with its reinforcing branch, the liberal media, has completely set Americans against one another. Families are being torn apart when one member decides toContinue reading “Liberal media, relax. Education has already divided us.”

Writing MIDI characters?

While revising one of my novels for publication, I started to realize that my characters don’t always act in consistently believable ways. I tend to throw in actions and emotions wherever the actions and emotions are needed, regardless of whether a real person, that character I am creating, would have actually done or said thoseContinue reading “Writing MIDI characters?”