The Lord who crushes wars is our assassin’s mace

Holofernes being beheaded by Judith.

The Chinese term Sha Shou Jian (杀手锏) indicates a hidden club that an assassin could use to incapacitate his enemy suddenly and totally, “instead of fighting him in a conventional way” 1. It is a term that our intelligence community started hearing a lot of from China over the past five to ten years, and it refers to a secret weapon or set of weapons that China is currently using against the world, especially the United States.

Patrick Byrne suggested that the assassin’s mace was the stolen election. I’m sure that is part of it. But I believe their assassin’s mace is multifaceted and multi-layered. Covid-19 is certainly one piece of it as well. Socialist groups are funding racial strife in America and around the world. Multinational corporations have seen their profits increase by upwards of 23% during Covid while the average small businesses have been shut down. The pieces are in place, and it appears the average freedom loving person is surrounded.

It is really worrisome that so many don’t seem to realize what is going on. Those who do understand what is happening may be living in fear. But I want say “Be not afraid.” We have an assassin’s mace, too. Only ours is much stronger, ours is of old and is the incorruptible gift that everyone has received that gives hope beyond this temporary life. Our mace has proven to be the downfall of tyrannical leaders for centuries. And it will ultimately prove to be the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party and all the oligarchs working on the great enslavement known as the Great Reset. Our mace will raise up the good people of China and the world and set them free.

Our assassin’s mace is the gift of faith in God, the one true God, the one who crushes wars.

We may be surrounded. We may be under attack. Other peoples may be falling pray to and cowering from the fight. But Christians will not back down. We will kneel in prayer and fight the spiritual battle that is waging. We will devote ourselves to purity and holiness. And if the time comes, we will fight tooth and nail ready to give our lives so that posterity can know they too are children of God, not slaves of a man-made system.

The story of Judith gives me hope. Protestants may not be familiar with this story because the book of Judith is only in the Catholic Bible. It tells of a time when King Nebuchadnez’zar decided that he himself was god. He told the surrounding nations that they must obey him. But at that time, all the nations ignored his decree. Nebuchadnez’zar grew angry and swore he would make them worship him or they would all die.

He called in his chief Holofer’nes and said, “Assemble an army of 120,000 foot soldiers together with twelve thousand Calvary. Go and attack the whole west country, because they disobeyed my orders. Tell them to prepare earth and water, for I am coming against them in my anger, and will hand them over to be plundered by my troops till their wounded shall fill their valleys, and every brook and river shall be filled with their dead and overflow.”

Many nations, upon the army’s approach, sent terms of surrender: “Do with us as you wish.” They became slaves, the ones that lived.

Holofer’nes did what he was told and set about plundering the entire west country, killing, pillaging, and ravaging. “Along with them went a mixed crowd like a swarm of locusts, like the dust of the earth–a multitude that could not be counted.”

No one could withstand this incredible army. They wiped out everyone in their path, and many nations, upon the army’s approach, sent terms of surrender: “Do with us as you wish.” They became slaves, the ones that lived.

The people of Israel living in Judea heard about all the terror Holofer’nes the general was doing, and they were justly terrified. They had recently come out of bondage themselves and rather than return to captivity determined that they would stand and fight. “So they sent to every district of Samar’ia and to Kona and Beth-hor’on and Belma’in and Jericho and to Choba and Aesor’a and the valley of Salem and immediately seized all the high hilltops and fortified the villages on them and stored up food in preparation for war–.”

Then, they did prayer and penance. “All the men and women living at Jerusalem prostrated themselves before the temple and put ashes on their heads and spread out their sackcloth before the Lord. They even surrounded the altar with sackcloth and cried out in unison, praying earnestly to the God of Israel not to give up their infants as prey and their wives as booty.”

They prayed and fasted for many days. The priests offered continual burnt offerings and the vows and freewill offerings of the people.

When Holofer’nes heard that the Israelites planned to fight he was incredulous. He summoned his army and surrounded the Israelites, seizing the well of water that was supplying their well-fortified mountainous habitations. An advisor suggested that they just wait until the water ran out. The Israelites would come crawling out begging for mercy.

Thirty some days passed and the Israelites ran out of water. In thirst and desperation, they cried out to Uzzi’ah and the rulers of the city to surrender. But Uzzi’ah persuaded them saying, “Have courage, my brothers! Let us hold out for five more days; by that time the Lord our God will restore to us his mercy, for he will not forsake us utterly. But if these five days pass by, and no help comes for us, I will do what you say.”

When a devout widow named Judith heard all of that had been said, she summoned two of the elders and said, “Listen to me, rulers of the people of Bethu’lia! what you have said to the people today is not right; you have even sworn and pronounced this oath between God and you, promising to surrender the city to our enemies unless the Lord turns and helps us within so many days. Who are you, that have put God to the test this day, and are setting yourselves up in the place of God among the sons of men?…For if he does not choose to help us within these five days, he has power to protect us within any time he pleases or even to destroy us in the presence of our enemies.”

He has power to protect us within any time he pleases or even to destroy us in the presence of our enemies

When everyone left, “Judith fell upon her face, and put ashes on her head, and uncovered the sackcloth she was wearing.” Here, in chapter 9 verses 2-14, we read the heartfelt prayer of Judith. Verse 7 speaks to me now in our current situation: Behold now, the Assyrians are increased in their might; they are exalted with the horses and riders; they glory in the strength of their foot soldiers; they trust in shield and spear, in bow and sling, [and mace], and know not that thou art the Lord who crushest wars, the Lord is thy name.

Judith concludes her prayer with a plea to bless her plans to go out and deceive the Assyrians with her beauty and kill Holofern’es herself. She put on her best clothes and perfume and left the city to meet the enemy, alone except for her maidservant. “Who are you?” The Assyrian guards asked. Judith told them that she was an Israelite who was defecting because they planned to surrender. She also said that she knew her people were going to commit a sin.

Judith gained the trust of the general Holofern’es. One night not long after her arrival, Holofern’es was hoping to seduce Judith but in the process drank exceedingly more than he normally drank. He fell asleep being overcome with wine. Judith, alone in the tent of her enemy’s great leader, prayed this prayer: “O Lord God of all might, look at this hour upon the work of my hands for the exaltation of Jerusalem. For now is the time to help thy inheritance, and to carry out my undertaking for the destruction of the enemies who have risen up against us.”

“She went up to the post at the end of the bed, above Holofer’nes’ head, and took down his sword that hung there. She came close to his bed and said, ‘Give me strength this day, O Lord God of Israel!’ And she struck his neck twice with all her might, and severed his head from his body.”

The Word of the Lord…who crushes wars.

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