First full-capacity concert in NYC gives nod to father of lies

Last night (June 20, 2021) the Foofighters performed before a sell-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. The concert is being touted as “the first fully vaccinated, full capacity” concert in New York since March of 2020. Many see it as a welcome sign that we are getting back to normal. One headline even read “America is back.”

But the whole thing makes me uneasy.

First, in order to attend the concert, all 15,000 attendees willingly installed the Excelsior Pass, a digital “passport” unique to NYC, to prove that they had been vaccinated. The fact that so many people willfully gave in to pressure from big pharma and the corrupt CDC is not surprising. It’s just disheartening. Some of them still wore masks, even though Pope Fauci has infallibly pronounced the vaccines to be effective.

What’s even more disturbing were the satanic elements of the evening. If you look at some of the pictures from the show, many attendees are holding up the devil’s hand signal, the Horned Hand. And why not? The Foofighters lead singer, Dave Grohl, is famous for his portrayal of the enemy of humanity.

You can google a clip of Grohl playing satan on Jimmy Kimmel Live “God visits satan on Jimmy Kimmel.” I am not posting it here because I don’t want to support Jimmy Kimmel or Youtube. (I’ll never watch another Billy Crystal movie and be able to laugh at him like I used to.)

Here are a few of the comments from Youtube under the video:

So to sum it up, the first fully-vaccinated concert was performed by “the only one who’s able to represent satan himself.”

Instead of pausing to thank God for seeing us through the pandemic, Americans downloaded an app that is perhaps a foreshadowing of the mark of the beast (you must have it to buy and sell) and rocked out to three hours of music by the country’s best representative of satan, aside from Gates and Fauci.

As Christians, we need to be worried when things like this happen. When Billy Crystal, playing the part of God, gets uproarious laughter from the audience by saying, “No. You shouldn’t remove the Satan idol from the Illinois state capitol. Satan and I are good. We made up. We hang out together now once a week playing Fortnight,” we really need to repent. America is NOT back. America is in trouble.

Oh My Jesus. Forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy.

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