Writing samples from my time at Taiwan News
Here are some writing samples from my time as senior editor of the supplements department at Taiwan News.

Taiwan Puts First Peoples First
Lessons from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press tour of Taiwan, 2015.

One Benefit of Monolingual Dictionaries in the Writing Classroom
Internet TESL Journal

Three Times a Lady
A publication history of D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover.
Original publication is out of business but the work is cited here.


I am familiar with HTML and have created websites with several different programs, including Dreamweaver, CoffeCupHTML, WordPress, Joomla.

PS Office Suites – I used OpenElement to design this website for a co-working space provider. I purchased the domain and opened a hosting account. I used filezilla for uploading.

ERP Associates– This is a WordPress site. Installed plugins for the careers page and the privacy page. Got images from IStockPhotos. Customized a theme from WordPress.

Prosperity Spring Travel – Created with OpenElement.

Now defunct Websites – I wrote a business plan for this company. I also came up with the name for the business, registered the website, and designed the site. Some of the copy I wrote, but much of it has been changed since I created it. – This was a site I designed back in the 1990s using basic HTML editor. I purchased a CGI script, installed, and customized it to connect freelance editors and writers with those who had projects. I had over 90 freelancers. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting people to submit projects and pay on line. A lot of folks were still pretty leery of paying online. – I designed this website using Notepad, totally with HTML code. It was a website for an orphanage in Taiwan, which I hoped would help raise money for the kids there.



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