Hop Picking in Puyallup, 1885

Puyallup Pickings From Tacoma Daily LedgerSeptember 17, 1885 Hop picking is advancing although the rain has been heavy. The Indians do not stop much for wet weather. The women, with calico dresses and many of them with bare feet, work all day, but they are not exempt from diseases, many of them are dying withContinue reading “Hop Picking in Puyallup, 1885”

Chinese officials not much interested in the Wyoming affair

September 6, 1885 Adjutant-General Drum to-day telegraphed instructions to Major-General Schofield of Chicago to order additional United states troops to Evanston, Wyo. where the fleeing Chinese are concentrating and to all other points along the Unite States mail route in that territory where there are any indications of trouble. Information was received today that theContinue reading “Chinese officials not much interested in the Wyoming affair”

Washington Blue Laws not What They Seem?

I came across this article when I was doing research for a short story about anti-Chinese sentiment. It used to be illegal to sell most goods and perform most services on Sundays in Washington. Seems obviously an imposition of religion on others. However, its original intent may have been to protect workers and give themContinue reading “Washington Blue Laws not What They Seem?”

Black Dialectic Comedian in Tacoma, 1885

I came across this interesting tidbit in the Tacoma Daily Ledger from September 30, 1885. “Johnny Carter, the great colored comedian, gave one of his amusing entertainments to an appreciative audience last night at Germania hall, and will give his farewell entertainment to-night, at the same hall, with an entire change of programme. He isContinue reading “Black Dialectic Comedian in Tacoma, 1885”

The Chinese Must Go!

The Daily Ledger, Tacoma, Washington Territory, Wednesday, September 30, 1885 The Chinese Must Go The Preamble and Resolutions Adopted by the Puget Sound Anti-Chinese Congress. On Monday evening last, at Seattle, W.T., the following preamble and resolutions were adopted by the delegates from various cities and towns on Puget Sound, who had convened to formulateContinue reading “The Chinese Must Go!”

Tacoma Chinese Expulsion References

I’m starting a new novel about a love story between a white woman and a Chinese man in Tacoma in 1883-1885, leading up to the expulsion of the Chinese from Tacoma in November 1885. To prepare, I’m reading a lot of articles from the Tacoma Daily Ledger from those early years of Tacoma. I planContinue reading “Tacoma Chinese Expulsion References”