Refreshing Jutta

Oligarchs have kept imortality treatments to themselves while the rest of us are kept in an ignorant state of bliss. They “refresh” people who question too much and those who are no longer compliant or useful. Several groups have resisted these oligarchs for many years. They save a young man named Jutta from the refreshing in hopes that he can write a virus that will make the Avogo change their hearts. They call it the “virus of repentance” and believe that only when those in charge repent can justice and truth be restored to the world.

Transhuman Oligarchs have taken over the world. Can Jutta write the code to stop them?

Now available from Full Quiver Publishing, a Catholic publisher of “Theology of the Body” fiction, Refreshing Jutta is “a compelling story about the ultimate demise of freedom-hating, self-absorbed overlords.”

Find it at Full Quiver Publishing.

Christian Dystopian, Young Adult

Word Count 73,500

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