The Great Redistribution of Wealth 2020

How the year of Covid and social justice enriched the rich and hurt the rest.

The truth behind recent anti-Asian hate crimes

Asians have nothing to fear from their conservative allies. It’s the communists and socialists seeking to destroy America that they really need to watch out for. Call me a stone-cold pessimist, but when the news starts to report a rise in anything, I immediately become suspicious. “What are they trying to pull now?” I immediatelyContinue reading “The truth behind recent anti-Asian hate crimes”

United Way: A globalist consortium pretending to be a non-profit

BLUF: If you’re going to donate money, why not give it to a small organization rather than a global consortium? United Way puts its money into lobbying Congress to change systems rather than feed people. The United Way and my school district have teamed up in a fund-raising effort to presumably help out our localContinue reading “United Way: A globalist consortium pretending to be a non-profit”